Korean food is known all over the world but cooking it is different. As I was in Seoul I decided to sign up for a cooking classes with Ome Cooking Lab. I wanted to learn to cook everything I loved about Korean food.

Ome Cooking Lab can be found on Airbnb. On their page you will be able to find what they make each day as its varies from day to day. If you have any dietry issues, you will be able to mention it to them. They try their best to accommodate to you as much as they can. I told them I could not eat pork or dairy.

The class started from the Gyeonydong market, with Jung Hun who was the guided. He took a group of us around the market to see Korean Medicine market, and the food market. The tour was eye openning as I got to see Korean’s buy their food for Chuseok ( Korean Thanks Giving). I love seeing natives daily life, you can say its people watching.

The teacher for the day was the beautiful Jihee. She taught us 6 Korean dishes; gimbap, sundubjjigae, haemulpajean, tteokbok, kimchijeon and bulgogi. The class was insightful and really helpful in understanding the ingredients in some of my favourite dishes.

If you are a lover of food, and love Korean food this class is a must-try. The understanding of Korean dishes is helpful for those that love to cook or even eat. I found the classes fun as I met travellers from different parts of the world who were like minded and loved to learn. The class was topped off with trying what we made and drinking rice wine. It was a worthy celebration among new friends.

11 thoughts on “Cook Korean Food with Ome Cooking Lab

  1. lyn@cookeatlivelove says:

    Such a great capture of your experience. I would love to learn more about Korean cooking — maybe some day I can travel and do that! I have a cooking class experience in Lima, Peru. If you are ever in the area let me know!

  2. Pam says:

    I love taking cooking classes abroad. I feel like you get an in depth looks at a culture. This one looks amazing! Six dishes is a lot to learn!

  3. Kelly says:

    I have heard that the best way to experience a local culture is to take a cooking class. I’ve never done this yet but I definitely want to. It would be really cool to be able to visit the market. I’d spend my time people watching too lol

  4. sherianne says:

    I love taking food classes when I travel and going to the market is a highlight. I’m not sure I have eaten Korean food or drank rice wine. I think I need to do that this weekend!

  5. Derek says:

    I love cooking at home but I’ve never done a cooking class while traveling. This is great inspiration because I’d love to try it – especially in a destination like Korea.

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