Tour buses are common in most cities but in Edinburgh it always tries to change things up. Rabbie’s has changed their tour buses to provide a different experience when touring Edinburgh. My sister and I took the chance to see how Rabbie’s Tour showcases Edinburgh.


The tour starts at Waverly Bridge and moves around the city from Princess Street, Grassmarket, and many more. I think the Scottish commentator is what I enjoyed the most, who doesn’t love to hear a Scottish accent. The trip talked about history from famous writes and explores to facts and some jokes.

The bus is for 16 explorers, with comfortable sitting and great when there is a group all going together.It was a bit windy when my sister and I went but it was good to know we had the headsets to listen to everything we passed through. I do love it when we do have person on the mic talking to us but sometimes it doesn’t work out in bad weather.


When going to any  city, a tour bus trip is usually a must in my books. I have tried a few bus tours but I certainly did enjoy Rabbie’s City Tour. 

I put together a little video of some of the places the tour bus went through.This is not enough because being there in person makes all the difference.


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