Chips Oman has official come back to the UK in full swing. I am more than happy to hear this, as I have been waiting for it. Its by far one my favourite spicy potato chips and I have been eating Chips Oman since the day I was born. For those that are Omani like me, or grew up in the Khaleeji region, you would understand the love and why we all love it. Its a brand that has been over 36 years in the industry. Their love has lasted long.

Photo by Torrisi Photography

Chips Oman has stepped up another level in the past few year. They have introduced their chips into other recipes from chicken batters, sushi, burgers and more. In my next few blogs, I will introducing you to some of my recipes.

Photo by Torrisi Photography

The chips can currently be bought at Al Mustafa Express or online through their instagram @Chips_oman_uk .

Photo by Torrisi Photography

17 thoughts on “CHIPS OMAN Back In The UK

  1. Eileen M Loya says:

    I find it hard to refuse chips! They are my favorite snack! I would love to try these chips out. I will have to know how I can purchase some outside of the UK.

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