Ramadan is the time of the year for the community to come together and do things to help each other. I decided this year to do more charity work, so with a hunt through different places such as SecretSquirrel instagram I was able to find DuVolunteering. I love this as its to help underprivileged families by providing a box of food to last them a week. 

Du has aimed to make 20,000 boxes to feed as many families as possible during this holy month. The volunteers come from every where to give some of their time for a good cause. The great part is you get to meet lots of people who I believe are inspirations and motivators of the future. 

The volunteers are given a list of items to put in each box. The box is filled with essentials to give a family a full stomach for a week. Each box is filled with a bag of rice, flour, sugar, beans, tea, lentil, tin tomato, oil, vimto, pasta and vermicelli. 

Everyone has a chance to do this as they are going to be near Al Nasr Club till 1st July 2015. All the help is grateful! 

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