This trip to Madrid was a change and great one. I decided I needed to step out of my box of always staying at a hotel or Airbnb and try staying in a hostel. I wanted to see the difference and experience another way of traveling through different cities. In this experience, my tour guided was from Madrid, so it was a local tour ( the best kind).

I booked my flights on Opodo, flying from Gatwick to Madrid with Iberia Express. It was my first time using the site and flying with Iberia. The staff was friendly, with no delays and a smooth flight all the way to Madrid. It is nice knowing that even on a cheap flight that you are not treated like a doormat.

I stayed at The Hat Madrid which I booked through Hostel World. It was easy hostel to get to and when I entered, it did not feel like a hostel. I love the design inside of the hostel from the entrance, reception area to the bedrooms. I booked to stay in an all girls room which had 8 beds, a clean bathroom, and huge lockers.

This time I didn’t just wander through the city, I had a local tour guide who I know for a very long time- Jose. He took me Ginger Restaurant, which was a modern Spanish restaurant located very central and close to my hostel. The food was good and reasonably priced.

When saying I changed up my travel experience in Madrid, it was all due to 3 reasons but one of them was doing a night tour of the city. It was all due to when I arrived and winter season.

We wandered through markets as Jose knows very well how I love food. I do think everyone who reads my blogs or watches my vlogs know my love is food ( A reason why I have to be in the gym ).  A must visit is Mercado De San Miguel which is a food market located in central Madrid. I was spoilt for choice at the market for seafood, meat to vegetable delights.

A hot spot for food and entertainment was Platea Madrid. They had some more food choices, open space to sit anywhere as well as other levels of restaurants. I seriously believe that the UK needs to learn about food and entertainment from the Spanish or in general from the Latins.

This trip was definitely a change from my usually trips because:

  1. Booked flights through Opodo ( my first time using them )
  2. Booked a hostel for my stay in Madrid ( My first time staying in a hostel )
  3. Night tour of Madrid
  4. My friend was my local tour guide ( gave me the Madrid secrets to where to go)

15 thoughts on “Changing Up My Travel Experience In Madrid

  1. Perri says:

    This is great! It’s such a good idea to try and see a city from a different perspective. I love the hat hostel and it sounds like you had a great time in Madrid

  2. Marie Gizelle says:

    I love Madrid, scenes, food, language! 😀 It is always a welcome addition to travel adventures when accommodation is convenient and comfortable. And a friend to tour you around is a wonderful bonus!

  3. Hazel says:

    We’re due to head to Madrid later in the year and I will definitely be hitting up Mercado De San Miguel – thanks for the tip, I love anything vegetable and anything gfood market!

  4. Ada says:

    Ive never stayed in hostel before but I always travel with my husband and he just doesn’t wanna stay there. Ive always liked how hostels always go extra mile to make the place looks cool, and Ive heard many stories how many friends you can make there etc. I love Spain but I haven’t visit Madrid yet! The night market seems amazing! Its always good to have someone who speak local language 🙂

  5. Lyne says:

    Really nice vid !All those food shots made me hungry ahah. Stepping out of your confort can often bring you some pleasant surprises, I did try hostel this year too and it was so much nicer than I thought 🙂

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