This year has started with such a rush but in a good way. I made sure I ended 2016 with peace, love and harmony as I want 2017 to start with happiness. I was in Porto, Portugal for my new years and it was definitely worth going to. Today I am writing this and I am Dubai, which was an unexpected trip. Usually they say “Expect the unexpected”, that has certainly happened. My mind, body and soul has changed and I couldn’t ask for more than what I have now.

Photo by Mohammed Idris

Since I have been home- I got to catch up with old friends, create new projects, meet new people and get even great news. I am just here till March 5th and then head back to England for some more work and great collaborations. This year I have put energy into my health, fitness, food and travel compared to the fashion blogs I was always write about. I wanted to change it a bit because the blog and channel reflects on my life from how I think, to what I see and more. I don’t want to follow a trend but create my own, one I feel more comfortable with and be myself doing it.

Last year I shaved my head for Macmillan Cancer Support, it was change but a great one. What ?? How ?? Well that’s easy. I stopped looking at myself in a certain way, I stopped complaining about my hair and what more can I do to it, I stopped seeing myself as ugly and I stopped saying I am ugly. Today I see myself as beautiful from inside out, I smile even 10 times more and more with my heart, I wake up with a smile and I try to make others smile, I aim in wanting to make a difference in a good way and I am happy. It’s insane how one good deed can lead to a million even greater deeds in my life.

Photo by Mohammed Idris

I am Farah Al Zadjaly, I am happy, I am in love with life, I love my crazy family, I love my even crazier friends, I love the energy I feel around the people who have come into my life, I love being me and most of all I love you all for support me through everything.




I didn’t write this post for myself but to show you all that takes to change is “YOU” to choose to change your life. Stop holding on to the past and live in the present. Do what you want to do and do it with a positive attitude! Most of all learn to LOVE YOURSELF. It doesn’t mean stare at the mirror but appreciate what you have. All of us have these moment’s where we say we need to loose weight or we don’t look good in an outfit or something of the sort. BREATH IN BREATH OUT. The world is not going to end, take it step by step to create a change. Look at the mirror and say ” I am beautiful ” or “I look handsome”. Pick parts of you from TOP to BOTTOM that you love – ” I love my arms, I love my legs, I love my belly… “. TRY your best not to you “HATE”, “I DON’T LIKE”- instead change it to “I could work on some new exercise routines, maybe I could try less sugar this week or carbs.”. It all makes a difference in your mind how you set yourself out for the day, week , month or even year.


P.S – I did mention earlier about some great news… Well for that you going to have to wait because I have some amazing people that I want to introduce you all to. I also have my wish list to travel to coming up soon !!!!



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