C.Watson a designer based in Scotland and who I feel like I have known my whole life. I met her by chance when at Ice Store a few years back. She is this talented designer with beautiful techniques which the world had not seen yet when I met her. The lady behind C.Watson is Christine Watson, a women who is always full of life and her kindness, care and love shows so much. I always tell alot a people about this talented beauty because I believe in her so much and this was before I even got to know her as a close friend. 


I have had the privilege of modeling her clothing several times because I feel comfortable in her clothes. She creates clothing which are fun, unique, and really easy to wear for special occasions from events, shows and even weddings. C.Watson joined Designer Talent 2014, and with not a clue we were doing a competition at Metropolitan Fashion Show, she won the title. The judges loved her work, her technique, fabrics and style for her collection. 

I had a shoot a couple of years ago with photographer Claire Loftus and make-up artist Danielle Dickson. This was the chance to get C.Watson in my life even more! I choose her black 2 piece skirt and top ( even though everyone knows I don’t like wearing black) but this black dress made me feel like a girly rock chick. I could do several looks with the 2 piece which at some point I will. The flow of the dress was wonderful especially with the little tutu skirt underneath. I think this is perfect for any special occassion as a bit of bling and got it all sorted for a wedding, a birthday or an event. If you wanted to twist it, a pair of boots, leather jacket and you are ready rock this world. 

The 2nd time I had the chance to model was for C.Watson a Touch of Pink photoshoot, where photographer was Thandeka Muronzi and Make-up artist was Alexis Aitchson. It was a last minute thing that I modelled, hahahaa as I am not ususally a model but I thought as her collection is fun, it had just reflected nicely on my crazy personality. I loved this dress as it was flattering to my so called boyish figure. 

This top and skirt was great because after months of trying to loose weight, it showed off my figure the way I wanted it. I am not a person to wear black but this was just a look I loved and would wear it out anywhere. 

I have always wanted a train in my life and I got one!!! I fell in love with this piece from “A touch of Pink” fashion show that I had to buy it. This shoot I collaborated with Strathemore Photography and it was another fun shoot. I have tried it with different looks from skirts, dresses and jeans. I loved wearing this because it gave the dramatic touch when my outfits sometimes felt boring. As I live part time in Dubai, seeing the tartan in the train reminds me of the place I love them most… SCOTLAND!!!!!!! 

Christine has a heart of gold, is a kind, caring and always laughing. Which why we get along so well. She is honest and doesnt sugar coat it. Christine helps others when ever she can :).
When it comes to her work she is at her top, and her passion reflects in all her pieces. I do believe to see big things coming from C.Watson brand in the future. 

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