Since moving down south I have no been to alot of bloggers events as I would usually do. I joined the blogosphere subscription to get more information on other bloggers, technique and more. The superscription allows you to attend events, depending on the package subscribed to. I decided to attend the Blogosphere Summer Party in London, and I was certainly excited. It is nice to be surround by like minded people, who inspire, advise and encourage each other as well as supporting.

The event was at The White Room, Lumiere London. It took me 12 mins with an Uber to there ( I was just being lazy to take the underground). It was on the top floor, the sound of some funky music just attracted me even more. The room was all white, a blogger usual dream ( remember I am a colour addict) , it was lovely to walk into.


I was welcomed with fellow bloggers by the blogosphere team and a table of some colourful macaroon’s and drinks. There was varies stations with brands we can know about and a flat lay, some nice couch’s we can sit on to sit and chat as well as bar. I got meet Nadiene  from Just Nadiene who I tweeted in the morning before I came to the event.

Braun was one of the brands at the Blogosphere event, which was great since I use most of the products. This time I got to meet some of the marketing team and introduced me to some new items. I am definitely going to have to set up at day to review their products. They have created easy methods to keep my skin softer especially if your using an a epilator. They even have the laser hair removal, which I have got my hands on to try.


Its the first time I have come across the brand So…? Fragrance but they sell in several stores around the UK.  They had the So..? Collection which has 3 different scene. Their most popular items they are know for is the Mist body fragrance, so many beautiful smells and so hard to decide what I wanted.

A brand I made with love and alot of great research , Sekforde Drinks. They create bespoke botanical mixers which are made to enhance flavours in whiskey, rum and gin. Most mixers would have alot of sugar but Sekforde Drinks is 100% natural and low in sugar, which is great as its doesn’t whip out the taste of the alcohol.

There were 3 talks through the event who were talking about the industry we know and love as well as letting us know how they came to be. It was interesting and different compared to some of the events I go to. The first one on platform to talk about style and photography was Deb from Bang on Style, then Beth from Beth Eve and last was Simon from The Nomis Agency in Scotland.

The event was lovely and definitely worth the trip. I subscribed to the magazine and the community when I saw Youtube Dina Tokio on the front cover. The cover was different and eye catching. After attending the party, it made me realize how much I missed being around inspiring talented. I got to meet some lovely bloggers such as Taslyn from Hidden Beau-T,  Laura Rubyte from Bouncy Venture and Skirmantas Petraitis from Mr Salt and Pepper.

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