I recently did a photoshoot with Biscuit Couture which was a lot of fun. I got to meet great people to collaborate with on more photoshoots. Through the photoshoot I was filming some behind the scenes footage.

It was not easy trying to multi task from styling, modeling and filming but it was a good learning curve for me. It was a fun time working with everyone as we were all so different but with on things in common… PASSION. The passion shows in their work and the fact they decided to work with me for the day in the cold.. hahahahaa.

As it was the first time working together, we decided to do the shoot around my area in Horsham. Which means we had a place to run to when we started feeling really cold, my place. I am not a pro at taking videos but I decided to bring everyone into the world of behind the scenes.

The first college of photos is by Adriana Pucciano from Kuraberry, she definitely such a wee talented young lady. The 2nd set of photos were by Josh Riddle from Ridds Photography , who loves catching me in a moment but I truly enjoy working with him.



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