I am excited already for 2018 especially with this amazing collaboration with Origym. After a few years of thinking about becoming a gym instructor, I finally said yes and joined Origym’s course. I know it sounds crazy with my crazy schedule but this is an opportunity I couldn’t say no to.  There are several benefits to studying with Origym and my full time schedule.

I have been trying to keep my body in shape an about a year and a half , it is not perfect but its much better than it was a few year ago. As the years have gone by and several personal trainers later, I think its about time I took the chance to learn more about my body. Origym got in contact a month ago, as they saw my passion for keeping fit and how I help a lot of my followers and readers. We discussed about my passion is and came to the understanding what I should apply to do- Gym instructor. This is my first baby steps to 2018 goals and it is what I have needed tpushng myself.

Origym provides a lot more courses than gym instructor but this is just the first step to starting a new chapter of my life. The Origym specialize in quality and updated edgy personal training courses as well as continuous professional development ( known as CPD) fitness qualifications. The company has partnered with Active IQ, which is an award-winning in the UK and also recognized internationally. There is alot of benefits to taking courses with them: example

  • It is accessible to all
  • It is affordable – Starting at £888
  • Personal Training courses are REP recognized ( Register of exercise professionals)
  • Flexible interested fee for payments plans ( 0% interest on the plans)
  • The resources include Webinars, brand new e-learning manuals. ( Really easy to use, as well as videos to help out. )
  • There fast track, part-time and online personal trainer courses. ( You have got options)
  • Can become a Personal trainer in 4 weeks. (  This could happen if you take fast track personal trainer course. )


Another amazing benefit of doing personal training courses with Origym, is that they have several locations in the UK to do the courses. It is perfect if your studying in any of the cities, or even if your doing online courses. The assessments will be done in any of the locations near you. This was one perfect for me as I can do all my work online and book in my assessments in their London location.


5 thoughts on “Becoming A Gym Instructor at Origym

  1. Julia Dent says:

    This sounds like an awesome way to become an instructor! I’ve been telling my mom for years that she should become a gym instructor because she basically lives at the gym!

  2. Danie says:

    Today I was thinking about improving my health. I hope that one day I can get to a place where I can help someone improve their health when I get myself together. This sounds like a good program.

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