Fitness, health and well being all connected to Balance Festival. The 3 day event was filled with everything you want to know about self love, self care and to keep motivated. It has a variety of fitness brands from Barry’s, F45, Virgin and more to healthy food choices and well being. The festival was a great way of seeing whats available to reach fitness and health goals as well as to be inspired.

Friday I attend a few fitness classes. Barrecore , which is a great way of mixing pilates and cardio to work the whole body. I did a few barre classes in my past and it changed my body. Through the event I went round looking at new fitness choices especially snacks. Remember I live for my food. They had The Gym Kitchen, ZenB, Prodigy and more ( there will be a full list of the vegan options below) . There was also a few apparel fitness brands, few that caught my eye, two fit and Raia. The last class I tried was F45, I heard so much good things about it so I had to try it. It was HIIT and circuits mixed all in one. I was sweating everywhere, haha! Its definitely worth a try. ( I wish there was one near by)

Saturday, the busiest day. I decided to go for the free classes. The paid classes were full. Through most of the morning I was looking through the brands there and bought  a few things. I found Movewell, a brand focused on helping with creating environmentally conscious products to help with rehabilitation, fitness training and well being.  FitXR was another brand which showed another way of keeping fit just using a VCR and TV. A wellbeing app I love is Getahead, they help with mindset from goals to inner feelings. I found it a great way of understanding how I see my self then and now.

Saturday fitness started with SOS dance by School Sos. It was fun and easy going. The next one was the challenge PWR with The London Fitness Guy. It was HIIT and sweaty ( it might be because it was 25 degrees ).

With London Fitness guy

Sunday, the last day I took it easy with the workouts. I was still sore from the previous workouts. I first attend a talk with the Journal Workout. They talked about comparison. It was insightful and definitely changed my mind about alot I was doing. I watched House of Voga and then attended Move and shake your body by Morning Gloryville. The rest of the day I met other brands like Dirtea, making everything you need for your body and all made from mushrooms.


Vegan Options at the Festvial


Barebells( 2 vegan bars)


Caleno ( Non alocholic spirits. )


Eisberg ( Non Alocholic wine)


Feel Good Kitchen


Mindful Chef




Pollen+ Grace

Piqi ( kefir)


The Juice Smith




Hello fresh/ Green Chef


The Gym Kitchen

The Alchemist



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