It’s that time of the year where we get ready for the next adventure but what do we take. We think of the clothes, the cosmetics, cameras and what can we really take. We sometimes forget do we have the right bag for it all, is it a good size, is it strong enough or will it handle a long journey. Of course it all depends where your going. I decided to put together my travel bag must haves…….


Douchebags is a brand I can swear by when it comes to traveling. I have been to Portugal, Italy and Dubai using Douchebags and it has been rock solid for me. It has been so easy to travel with, easy to carry along, can fit more than you imagine and the quality is just right for the price. I came across the brand through Jon Olsson youtube channel and looked into for a couple of weeks before I purchased a piece. It has been one of my best buys for when I am carrying a load from cameras to clothing.

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Mahi Leather

I love Mahi Leather for their classic style, great quality and good size. I consider their bags as my quick getaway for my weekend away. Their keep alot of the colours more neutral , and great with everything. Their quality leather seems to fit just right for everything I take with me. I love their Duffel- especially The Columbus which you can get personalized. When looking into Mahi, I loved the fact that they also aim to help a cause. For every purchase $1.50 is donated to Clean Water Causes.

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Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley a very well know for keeping women colourful, fun and ready to travel. I love the brand, the values and the patterns. As most the know I love my colours and patterns ( its all part of being Omani). The bags are easy to use and great for a weekend by the beach. The great thing that if you love a matching set from suitcases to handbags its all available.

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Lacie by Sole Society 

Its great when you have a bag for everything like Lacie’s Vegan friendly duffel bag collection. A little bit in love with the colour, texture and how it feels with it being soft. Its another good size duffel bag for the weekend gate away in the sun or in the cold ( that depends on you ). The bag comes in 4 different colours so no one is left out if they don’t like the bright tan beauties.









25 thoughts on “Bag It, Travel With It….

  1. Yesh Sewdayal says:

    I love the look of the Douchebags, and since they come so highly recommended by you, I’m going to invest in some. I’m very much a bag person, every bag must match and be a good size and durable!

  2. lexie says:

    Woah I didn’t know that douche bag does represents a sort of bag too, I would go for Mahi leather, this is my type of bag for travelling. nice post 🙂

  3. Madison Taylor says:

    Awesome post and very cute bags, though I wouldn’t say they are too practical for travel… very bradley especially is super water absorbent, one light rainstorm and everything inside is soaked! Not sure how the leather bags would hold up either but they are definitely cute! Perfect for weekenders!

  4. Courtney Coughlan says:

    Wow, I loved all the bags you mentioned! I’m a bargain hunter though and usually go for the cheapest option hahah.

    Also side note: “mahi” in Maori (the indigenous language of New Zealand) means “work” 🙂

  5. amit says:

    You seem to definitely know your bags :D, Your right the right bags for the right trips can really make a difference though. I’ve seen so many travelers over the years that take the wrong kind of bags and it actually ruins trips for some people. You have a great selection here.

  6. Edith Rodriguez says:

    The Lacie by Sole caught my attention the most. Looks like a purse and so classy. The Douchebags look like a great option too. However, I’ll be traveling with a backpack for a few months soon. Let’s see how that goes.

  7. Alicia Fowler says:

    Omg no, there’s a brand called Douchebags?!? I can’t. I just can’t. That’s hilarious and mildly uncomfortable. I’ll stick with the Mahi Leather 😉 I love the look of those bags! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Theresa says:

    These bags look great (although I agree that Douchebags is a terrible name). I particularly like the Mahi leather bag. I’m very picky when it comes to my travel bags; you’ve done some good research.

  9. Calator says:

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