Why back in Portugal?? Well that is easy… I LOVE IT! I traveled back to Lisbon alone and met up with some old friends. I would also like to thank UBER Lisboa for making life easier to get to my flat. My first day in and I was already on a road trip with Josh, a talented friend who loves to eat like I do. He decided to show me around other locations in Portugal like Sesimbra and Setubal ( well known for their beaches and good seafood). How can I say no to such an offer?!

It was about a 50 min journey by car from Lisbon to Sesmibra and a great trip to take. Through any road trip you get to see the towns and little unique places of the country. Josh and I got to catch up and listen to some great music on the way, its good I didn’t start singing or he would have been deaf at the end of the trip.

We arrived about lunch time or general food time for our belly clock, so we went to a lovely restaurant called Praia Mar ( highly recommend by Josh). We ate like kings and queens as we had to different servings of fresh seafood we shared. The bill for all that with a bottle of wine was about €40 . The quality of food and wine with their hospitality made this a place to recommend.

 The day we went the weather was not on our side but it was kind of hot for me ( all due to living in the UK for too long). The beach went on and on for miles with breath taking views from every side. There were a few nice hotels and apartments which were on hills (imagine the view). I hope to come back on a sunny and hot day! ( planning for the next trip )

We then drove on to see Setubal, which I heard alot about and always wanted to see. The city and municipality is located southeast of Lisbon formed by Sado, Marateca and Sao Martinho River. Its a beautiful city with little inner roads and some great places to eat. The city also has some of the best beaches in Europe near by – best to take care if visiting them.

Of course with Josh being a good food friend, we ended up with some lovely ice cream from a cafe in Av.Lusia Todi road. Its always good when you can find raspberry and mango sorbet ice cream on a hot day. We had a wonder and chilled out ! It was definitely a fun first day back in Portugal.

Once we finally decided to head back to Lisbon, it was about a 50 minute drive. We headed through to end up at the Ponte Vasco De Gama, which is a beautiful bridge that goes on and on for miles into Lisbon. Of course through the trip we got hungry, so we had to think of where to go next.

The talk through the car ride was good meat balls… Yes we do have those conversations about food. Through google and Zomato Portugal we managed to come across a little local place called Polpetta. I loved this place, it could be considered one of Lisbon’s hidden gems- I am saying this due to location. I ordered they meatballs and spaghetti, it was heaven on a plate. Josh ordered meatballs and mash potato, it was just as good as the spaghetti. There was alot of flavour in the meatballs and there was different choices if you wanted a vegetarian option.

It was a full day of being a little tourist and eating alot of amazing food. Portugal has so much to do and offer that this just the tip of what’s to come.


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24 thoughts on “Back In Portugal… Road Trip With Josh

    • Farah says:

      I will definitely do that, there is more post coming up in the next few days of my trip. I did a few more things in the Lisbon so I divided it.

  1. Yaswanth says:

    Been seeing quite a few posts lately about Lisboa, has caught my attention and will be referring to your blog among others for a trip there. Thanks for the post. 🙂

  2. C-Ludik says:

    I’ve never been to Portugal yet. But I would love to discover Portugal country: sandy beaches, rugged coastline, cosmopolitan and architecturally-stunning cities, and incredible weather, of course !

  3. Ellie says:

    I guess Portugal must be a real foodie destination! Judging by the quantity of food mentioned in your post, anyway! Sounds deeeeelicious

  4. Bethany says:

    Thank you for the detail and food recommendations! I’m heading to Lisbon in June, I’ll be going solo, so I’ll definitely check out some of your restaurants listed here

  5. Mateja says:

    What a perfect way to explore the nearby beaches and food with your friend. Portugal’s been on my list for a while and I have a feeling I’ll want to return once I visit as well. 😉

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