I am a lover of food and drinks and this month has just been full of my favourites. I tend to keep everything as healthy as I can make it with a twist of treats.

These are a few of my must haves

1- Ombar 

Ombar is a bar of chocolate made 100% out of cacao. Cacao has a lot of health benefits so having it in a bar of chocolate has made my life easier. Ombar has several flavours that have got me hooked since the first bite. My love is Goji berry and coconut with a selection of more depending on my mood. IIt is definitely worth a try if you want to replace milk chocolate habits with something just a little more healthier.


2- Wai Lana Cassava chips 

I love Cassavas and when I popped into TK Max to find Cassava chips with different flavors, my heart and belly were happy. A great alternative instead of having potato chips.


3- Mister Freed 

Mister Freed takes Mexican tortilla chips to another level with lots of good flavors and healthier choices. I have been in love with their range for a while. All the 3 ranges are gluten-free, packed with some good superfoods and high in protein… With a bit of salsa and you are happy infront of good movie with.


4- Emily Veg Crisps- Sweet Potato 

A lover of sweet potato and Emily Veg Crisps has got me talking snacks. It so good when you need that quick snack to fill up the belly. These crisps are my guilt free snack for not making sweet potatoes or have the patience to make them.


5- Yaupon Brothers

A tea that has warmed my heart for the past month is Yaupon Brothers tea. Their choice of tea leaf is Yaupon holly, and that provides our body and mind with a lot of benefits. The days I need a pick me up I had their traditional green which was full of flavour and great to start the day with. The days I needed to get a good night sleep and unwind I had their lavender coconut and it smells as good as it tastes.


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