People usually stay a few nights to a week in a hotel… me nooo!!! I stayed at Arora Hotel Gatwick in Crawley, for 1 month. Its insane but didn’t have a choice on the upside of it all,do have to say it was not a bad stay. The hotel was in a great location and right next to the County Mall ( okay for shopping , bad for my purse).


The hotel was spacious especially their ‘Chill out spots’ with a cafe, bar and restaurant all in the same area. They had palm trees as part of the decoration- I don’t know if they knew I was coming from Dubai. The staff were lovely and always tried to find a solution when there was ever a problem. The only problem they couldn’t fix was their hotel lifts, which certainly didn’t like me the whole entire stay. I was not the only one complaining about their so called card sliding technology, which didnt work at times. Technology can only go so far.


Arora Hotel Rooms are basic with comfortable beds, a well equipped bathroom, TV and a couch. I certainly don’t agree on the choice of carpet but I lived with it for a while. The housekeeping were helpful and came in everyday to clean the rooms. Their free Wifi is pretty slow, and the price options for faster internet is unreasonable.


The Grill is the hotel restaurant where I get my morning vegetarian breakfast (not my idea of a good breakfast for 30 days). It had the typical British breakfast options from fried to scrambled eggs, mushrooms, toast, cereal, yogurt and some other stuff which I certainly can not eat ( Bacon, ham and sausages). As the staff were helpful, I did ask them if they had any other options and they surprised me with some Turkey and gravy. For lunch or dinner I do highly recommended their roast chicken and cauliflower.


For those like me who need a gym, the hotel has a 24/7 accesses to the gym. Do not expect anything amazing from the gym as it has the basic equipment for a quick workout. The hotel also has a direct access if you need to catch the train, instead of walking all the way round.



7/10- The hotel provided the basic needs for a night stay. The staff were lovely and made a month at Arora Hotel pleasant for me. Their is a few things that can be fixed . I would definitely recommend to stay at Arora Hotel as its in the center of Crawley with an easy access to everything. It has the essentials for room service and you can always pop down if you need a break from the room- a few drinks.


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