This year I decided to document more of my travels even if it is around the UK. In April I visited Totnes Devon, never knew about this town till a friend mentioned it. It was a 5 hour journey from Horsham to Totnes but I go to see some beautiful views of the coast. 


On my first day Joe, who was my tour guide took me around the shops to get a wee munch. I didnt realize how much vegan (I am not a vegan but like the options) varieties there were until I saw some of the food they sold. It was an eye opener to my belly! I stayed very central and the view was lovely, especially when it was sunny. 

totnes 4

I got to see their Saturday market and meet a few of the locals. Check out the video below of the first part of my journey !!! 

The 2nd day in Totnes was fun as it was a day of food, walking up hills and wondering… more like a road to no where. 

There was a Sunday market which is Totnes Good Food Sunday  by chance when I was visiting… Any excuse for me to eat… I’ll take it. Watch the video to see the madness I got up to with food and the journey Joe decided to exercise me through. After all the walking I did do , the view was breath taking and the fresh air is what I needed. 


After an hour of torture through to Sharpham .. A beautiful view .. it was time to head back to Totnes to head to Timehouse Muzuem. It took me back in time and told me a story so beautiful. It was more of a journey I wish I was part of! There was so much work put into the place and effort. 


The trip to Totnes was great from the views, food and the lovely people. It has made me want to travel a bit more through the UK. 

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