Its been a crazy start to the year with alot of traveling but I can’t complain because 2017 is a year of change. I decided its my year to love myself a little bit more, to take care of myself, to work harder and to keep it real. It sounds like a lot but its all a journey. The person I see in the mirror every day since 2017 began is no longer the woman from 2016.

Photo by Cheryl Zimmermann

I struggled for most of my childhood, teens and even in my 20’s with confidence. I compared myself to others such as my family ( mother and sister) and friends who I thought and still think they are beautiful.  Some say I must be so confident to put myself out there, blog, model and more but it took baby steps. The feeling of doubt always lingered at the back of my head for years, a fear I thought I could never get away from.

Today in 2017 I stand with a different view of myself. Its a feeling I am so happy to have even in my late 20’s. I woke up on Jan 1st 2017 at 7am for a morning run in Porto, Portugal. A trip I took to start my year and what a great trip it was- it changed me ! The 2 weeks through Lisbon and Porto were magical with my mum because what we did, who we met and what we ate made all the difference. The week I arrived back in the UK and a change of place- a few weeks later I was home in Dubai. A trip I was not expecting to take but a well needed one. I learned to face my demons, knows what I am good at and see who my true friends are.

Change is usually good but this time it was even better for me. I learnt to face my fears, the shadow I ran away from most of my life no longer scared me. Instead, I charged at it with my whole heart. The results have been impressive and exciting to little me. No more pushing away, no more running, no more wishing for something better, no more excuses because it that was stopping me from being seeing my full potential.  I met alot of inspiring people through my trips especially at home in Dubai, who have all motivated me to do more.

I am the woman who laughs even more than I did, smiles even on a cloudy day, gets up every time she falls, doesn’t give up just because one little bump on the road and picks up the pieces which I threw away. I am the woman I have always wanted to be! The support of my family has helped me especially my mother who is my queen. Our relationship has made us stronger together ( something we didn’t have when I was a kid or teen). The patience and love from  God has given me and the blessings in life ( family , friends, a good day , a positive mind and a good soul) are the things that matter and I am most grateful for.

Through this journey of life… Try this:

1- Be grateful for the life you have

2- Smile even on a grey day

3- Be kind

4- Love yourself

5- Be real

6- Take care of yourself before others

7- Be positive

8- Don’t make an excuse

9- Be honest

10- Enjoy what you have


Dress: H&M

Jacket: Zara

Shoes: Converse 

Gloves: Faye Della Luna

Necklace and Earrings: Lara Heems 


Cheryl Zimmermann


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