When your not a watch person … I am that person but its just because I haven’t found the watch for me that I want to wear that suits my style, till I came across Morris York.  They had all colours, sizes and at great prices. What makes this a good watch ?? Lots of things … Read more to find out as well as the little gift for all my readers.

Morris York , a watch that has just enough for to be considered a reasonable watch. A watch with a great size dial, long hands and light in weight. They have a variety of colours especially for bezel and straps. Its a good watch because it gives you all that you need- Simply class enough for all.

As a blogger I attend different events, meetings and more I wanted a good watch that didn’t stand out too much. The watch is classy, stylish, for both male and female and affordable. They have styles for those ladies who like sparkle and the gents who love it all black. I have tried it with all different styles I wear and its been the easier watch for me to wear. If have slim or thin wrist like mine, this is great as it has enough holes to fit all.


I have a special gift for my readers- 10% off your purchase when buying from Morris York.

Use the Discount Code “WORLDOFFAZ”.


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