Jackets with in style and timeless are a great find especially when it has a story. A few years ago I was handed a jacket, which is consider close to a bomber jacket. I remember seeing it in pictures where I was not even a twinkle in the eye, and used through all of my childhood. The jacket was my mothers, who was and is still a stylish fashionista in what ever she wears. The jacket was vintage !

Where is it from ? when was it bought ? What is the condition of it ? and why I love it? The list can go on forever about the endless questions I get asked about the jacket. Here’s the story…..

This vintage blue checkered jacket belonged to my mum, bought over 28 years ago from Marks and Spencer. She was a fashionista back then with a style I adored. I don’t dress like her because her classic beauty and style couldn’t be copied in my eyes. Over the years, a few people say I look like my mum which I find such a compliment since she looks so young even at 57.

I am 29 with my own style which I tend to always play around with especially when you have a wardrobe like my mum’s. This jacket has been used soo much since I go it. I have dressed it with dresses, skirts, jeans and trousers as its so easy to dress it with everything. It makes a great way of bringing colour , fun and class to a plain outfit.

The jacket is in such good condition when it was given to me at 25 years old, and it still is. This is  a priceless jacket that holds the happiest memories of my childhood and how beautiful my mum looked in it. I remembered seeing a picture of my mother wearing the jacket with father in the hills of England. It’s a picture that makes me smile.

Vintage pieces always have a story which can be beautiful, sad or part of history. This is a jacket that is still in style and has a stories I hold close to my heart. I dressed it up with a pair of heals for a fun night out and a proud to be a women tshirt. I know its sound like I am trying to make a statement with a t-shirt like that but its how it made me feel in the look.



Jacket: Vintage Marks and Spencer

T-shirt : Bershka

Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters

Black heels: Jones Bootmaker 


All photos by Danilo Torrisi

Location: Mungos and Around the area in Horsham


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8 thoughts on “A Vintage Jacket In Style And With A Story Behind It

  1. Helene says:

    The jacket has such an amazing story behind it:) I would love to own a vintage piece like that, sadly, my mum’s fashion sense when she was younger wasn’t that amazing (it was all shoulder pads, shudder)! Thanks for sharing!

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