When surrounded by passionate people you can’t help but smile. I feel like that everytime I meet beautiful souls of inspiration. Since working along side Ridds Photography and Adriana from Kuraberry its been alot of fun playing with pictures. They are different from each other and yet both have a creative mind which shows when on working with ideas, shoots and final results.


Photo by Ridds Photography

White is not the colour I run to when going out but I fell in love with this shirt from Twist x Turn. It was baggy, light, had a fun silhouette and is great on shoots because of texture. I made the look simple with my fave pair of jeans and yet fun with my wee sparkly brogues from Clarks.

Photo by Adriana Pucciano

When it came to location, I had to run towards The Dead Parrot in Horsham. It was love at first sight when I walked into this cocktail bar. There was a difficulty through the shoot as the photographers want natural light, and we did much of it. When we did finally get some light, we took advantage of it. The Dead Parrot is quirky, fun and has alot of character to it. It’s a place that makes me laugh, smile and seems to bring interesting people together. I believe this is definitely a place to visit when in Horsham!


Photo by Ridds Photography

When I got these pictures from the photographers, it didnt just make me smile because it was beautiful captured but made me think. I was thinkingย of how far I have come as a person from the down lows to the high ups, in which life just molds us into the people we want to be. I have reached that happy place, satisfaction and inner peace. It doesnt mean little me is going to stop here… On to more crazy adventures!

Photo by Adriana Pucciano

“Life is about doing things that make you happy, not the things that please other people.”

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