I have know Azza since I lived in Dubai through the bloggers community. She is a talented artist and she grows more and more. This time she did a lovely portrait of me using different techniques. This is the first time anyone has drawn little me!!!


I decided to ask Azza some questions … Get to know the women behind it all: 

       1. When did the love for art start?  

I have always been a fan of art and fashion, I was a child. It  was just one of those things that I could show self expression. 

      2. What inspires you to do your illustrations?  

Anything! It can be from the way I am feeling, the music I listen to, things I like to watch and the people I look up to. 

       3. How long does it take you to do one ?

To be honest, I haven’t timed it but I can saw a few hours. I go through a process where I find the right picture to make a stencil. Once that is done, then I start doing the detailed design. That is the part the takes the longest. Once its completely its all worth it.

      4.  What sort of techniques do you need to create an illustration ?

To create this art work, I use a few techniques from using photoshop to create the stencil and alot of free handed work for the shading and detailed work. 


Azza has created of mixture of art work, she talented, creative and a wonderful person inside out.

This is a link to Azza Gasim Portfolio : CLICK HERE 

Check out her blog Urbanista Blog



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