I have an attraction to pop up shops where ever I go, it’s always to great to get one off pieces from unique designers. This time I decided to attend Flaunt Fashion Tuesdays at China Grill, and worth taking the trip down. There were some really nice pieces, concepts and atmosphere through it all. 

With Designer and Beauty Blogger- El-Jammi (Flaunt Fashion Attraction Photo)
With Designer and Beauty Blogger- El-Jammi
(Flaunt Fashion Attraction Photo)

The brands at the event were local brands which can be boutique in various location in Dubai from boutiques to online. The designers and boutiques at the event were ElJ brands, Zamira Style, Maarli Boutique, Oliyah Joseph, SassakMEA, Fannie, Coquette Accessories, Inseller, Blo Out Beauty , Capricieuse, Audrey’s Cat and Moodati


I always have to look through Zamira Style every time I see her collection. They are fun piece from basic to crazy colours and has pieces that really flatters the body. 


Coquette Accessories holds my weakness in their hands! They have fun to elegant pieces that make any look put together on point. ‘I am seeing stars!’ 


Inseller decide to make the room go wild with CHANEL, their vintage pieces were elegant. I got my eye on one but its a secret. 



El-j brand creates one off pieces from turbans to dresses. I love the choices of fabrics and colour. El-Jammi is so helpful because she was showing ways to put on the turbans and what suits clients. 

With Oliyah Joseph Boutique ( Flaunt Fashion Photo)

  I had a fun eyebrow session with Oliyah Joseph, I would say they rescued my eyes brows! The don’t just fix eye brows they create them with a semi permanent method. 


flaunt 1
I have my moments of weirdness and yes I was taking a video and not a selfie this time.. hahaha (Flaunt Fashion Photo)

I had so much fun at Flaunt Fashion Tuesdays! The atmosphere was lovely, the organisers were lovely, the designers were fab, the boutiques are making me loose money ( hahaha). The verdict is its worth going  and its on every Tuesday. Why not? for some shopping, music and drinks (I forgot to mention its ladies night at China Grill) . 


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