I am finally back in the UK and it was a quick change for me. I just got the news I am moving over just 2 weeks ago and now I am here. I know its the worst time to get a transfer over to the UK but its another adventure for me and I couldn’t say “No”. As soon as I arrived I was in layers of sweaters, a cosy hat, a coat, boots and a scarf and I still don’t think that was enough. I have to say I am blessed I didn’t move to Scotland YET… 🙂


I am still not properly settled in as I am  flat hunting and traveling between one town to another due to work. Through the past couple of days I have been taking a wee wonder through Crawley, Horsham and Billinghurst. Its nice to see other places and towns and cities in UK as most of us to be honest consider London the only city to visit. Well there is more to the UK or general England than just the city of London.


As coming back to the UK, pubic transport seems the best way to go. I love the fact since I have moved back that I do not need to drive. No more long and endless traffic jams for me for a wee while. I hope longer than that actually!!! I would love avoid driving as I don’t have the patience for it all. The trains and buses are my source of transport and I love it!


I decide to explore a bit with the time off I get, so Horsham was on the list of places to visit. My mum used to visit Horsham on some of her weekends when she was teenager living in Guildford. The town is cute and have developed over time to have high street stores and big supermarkets, I even found a Nandos.


As some of you know I have a Youtube Channel WORLD OF FAZ, so it gave me a great excuse to video my journey over the past week. I am afraid the video is still being edited but it will be on the channel shortly.



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