It takes time and a journey of self discovery to reach the point of happiness. I decided it was time I took more me time to discover who am I. I moved to a new town, away from family with a new job and surround myself with new people as well as endless possibilities. I am taking one step at a time to have my moments but the best part is when your friends capture it.

Photo by Ridds Photography

This journey I take I decided to change my mind, body and soul on how I look at life. Instead of trying to fit in, I want to make a different in the best possible way. To be able to change a life, become a mentor and a good example which are all good goal to have in life.

Photo by Adriana Pucciano

Since moving away from home which was sunny Dubai, United Arabs Emirates it has not been the easiest move. Through the little struggles I faced I learnt alot about what I am able to handle. Its nice when you get surprised with the strength you have to push through pain, sadness and being home sick. I got down to starting my new job with alot of walls I broke down.

Photo by Ridds Photography

I have learned I am good to adapting but also good at changing negativity to positive outlooks. I loved the friends I have made, the projects I have joined on and the chance to see a good change for amazing people.

Photo by Adriana Pucciano 

To those that think that can not make a difference… Stop using excuses as your stop light to reaching your dreams. If you feel like someone is putting you down for being positive in wanting more out life , well just realize they are jealous because they know you can achieve it.

My outfit:

1-Black long sleeve body suit- Vintage Escada

2-Blue Midi Skirt- Nobody’s Child

3- Mustard heels called Sandy Shoes- Hotter Shoes 


Location: The Dead Parrot , Horsham

Photographers: Josh- Ridds Photography and Adriana Pucciano (Kuraberry)


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