Traveling is a trend but when traveling all the time organizing my suitcase is a mission. It has taken a while for me to come round to learning to be a bit more organized. I have collaborated with LeanPac to show how I changed my ways with their help.

LeanPac minimizes the time trying to find everything in our suitcases while traveling. I am guilty of being an absolute mess when traveling and I tend on forgetting alot of what I needed. Of course, we think we can change overnight and be more organized…. Dream on. I decided it was time to find products to help me out.

I tried out LeanPac bundle LPS1 which has the hand luggage and the different size organizers. I was traveling for a few weeks here and there so it was the best time to test out. The products are great quality, good sizes and easy to fit in the suitcase and hand luggage.

I managed to organize all my clothing from tops, bottoms, underwear, toilettes, and shoes without making a huge list. As a person who travels ever 1-2 months, it’s really good to be able to pack without worrying.

I say goodbye to my packing and unpacking 8 to 10 times because I keep thinking I forgot something, I say goodbye to a heavy suitcase, I say goodbye to worrying so much. LeanPac has given me what I need- a good quality of travel life.


Photos by Torrisi Photography 


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17 thoughts on “A Little Bit More Organized When Traveling

  1. Eva says:

    Interesting product. I’ve been wondering if packing cubes are a thing for me, as I am proud of my packing skills and have always managed to live without. Still, when you’re relying on a suitcase for a long trip or you move often and don’t really have enough time at a destination to take your clothes out, I can see how this system can become useful.

    • Michelle says:

      You should try it Eva! It’s one of those things that once you’ve adopted it, it’s impossible to be without! Imagine your suitcase as a cupboard with no shelvings, you can only so organised ! No need to unpack, use your cubes as shelves! Just remove them from your suitcase and plop them onto the shelves of of the wardrobe and use as drawers! Naturally, you need the good stuff, like our semi-stiff OrgPacs ! So visit us at ! The lean team wish you good luck with continuous improvement on the packing front!

  2. Martha says:

    Could you provide more details about the pack? I’m interested but want to know if it’s comfortable to carry around for long periods. Are there enough outer pockets to store things for easy access? Overall, do you think this entire bundle is worth the investment? I think this could help me overcome my packing woes, but unsure if I want to invest in this. Thanks for the information!

    • The Lean Team says:

      Hi Martha, the lean team at LeanPac® are so excited to hear that you are interested in our stuff! Our current product line is specifically designed to make life more comfortable and efficient for travellers. Why not head over to our website and check out the videos of the individual products to see if they meet your individual requirements? We guarantee you’ll be amazed at the functionalities as they are no ordinary bags. If you find something, use the current discount code XMAS2018 for a 15% DISCOUNT on purchases over £30, which is valid until 15th Dec.

  3. Jenn says:

    Interesting product, I’ve never heard of this before! Do you find that you have enough space for everything? I recently decided to try out compression bags instead of the packing cubes because it seemed like they would give me more space. I’d love your thoughts!

    • The Lean Team says:

      Hi Jenn, our hybrid backpack/holdall is not called JamPac for nothing! Check out our video You will be amazed at the amount you can jam into the pack! As for compression bags, take a look at our VacPac. Not only does it look good, the unique valve function lets you squeeze the life out of it! Why not head over to our Adventure Gallery and have a look at the fun VacPac videos. Check out the one we where used it for keeping a bottle of sparkly cold while on the road in south Africa! Usage of our bags are only limited by ones imagination!

  4. Katy aka “Unicorn” says:

    Interesting! I’ve been thinking about packing cubes too but Lean Packs seem like an interesting alternative. I’m curious how you decided to choose Lean Packs? Did you research other products or try any others? The package seems a bit pricey to me but I’m willing to splurge for the right travel gear.

    • The Lean Team says:

      Hi Unicorn! If you are interested, there’s a discount code available right now. Have a browse on our website to see if they meet your own unique requirements. If you do find anything you like, use the code at check-out to get a 15% discount for purchases over £30. Hurry though, it’s valid only until 15th Dec! That’s how we lean people roll, get our pressies in time for X’Mas! Early birds and all !

  5. Brianna says:

    Packing cubes are definitely the secret to staying organized while traveling! It really helps not to have to dig through everything to find what you’re looking for!

  6. Monica says:

    I’ve been meaning to buy packing cubes for the longest time! This looks like an even better system combining them into the organization of your bag. Super interesting product!

    • The Lean Team says:

      Hi Monica! You sound like a naturally lean pac-er! We at LeanPac® have become anal and OCD when it comes to packing for our travels! Every second saved are seconds we can use to enjoy our travels instead, so it’s an on going challenge! You should get those packing cubes asap because you will kick yourself once you’ve used them and wonder why it took you so long to adopt them! Why not support a young start-up like the lovely Faz is doing with us and pop by our website to have a browse ?

  7. Aireona says:

    Being more organized while I travel is always something I am going for and then half way through the trip things get all crazy. XD Packing cubes are on my list of things to buy ASAP.

  8. nicky says:

    This looks like a great product! I totally rely on packing cubes when i travel. Also helps hunt for things in a dark bag when you cant see anything!!

    • The Lean Team says:

      Hi Nicky! We totally get you! Seeing is key! That’s why we apply Visual Management when designing the LeanPac® products. A good example is our all round mesh packing cubes. They are completely 360º in visibility so you see everything that’s in them and have zippers at the top & bottom end so that you can directly access what you’re looking for in 1 step 3 seconds! Efficient or what?! Do have a look round our site when you find some time, you may find something you like! Thanks!

  9. Michelle says:

    The lean team would love to thank Farah for such a lovely blog on our products. They are perfect for her vivacious personality and her frequent travels. We have had a few giveaways so far, so do sign-up at to get a chance to win some LeanPac® products! To check-out what the lean team have been up to, please do visit our FB page or check out our Travel Adventure Gallery of photos & videos at

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