I took a trip to Oman to recharge myself, and for many other reasons as well. My main reason was to see my family and the other reason is to show you a bit of my country through my lens. Oman is a huge country of beautiful views and history which is shown through historic sites and is captivating with its greenery and blue seas.

Oman is a country of history but what I love the most about the country is the people. The people of Oman are kind and humble, which is not the easiest to find in the world we live in today. I decided it was time I show you places I love to visit in Oman and you might see when you visit. I am from Muscat, the capital city so alot of pictures on this post are based in the capital at the moment. 

This beautiful beach area we called it Shatti Al Qurum (or Jawahart Shatti).. It has changed 2001. When ever I go I have to visit the Crepe Cafe as its the best in Muscat. 
In the mall called Jawahart Shatti has a few boutiques which is a must visit… Boutique Muscat is well known for their little sweet pieces which you will not find all over Oman. I tend to always go in when ever I visit Oman and usually end up buying t-shirt swag. Boutique Muscat also have their own boutique collection which is fun and colourful. The lady behind the fab boutique is a lady who has big dreams and is very ambitious which what I love to see in the young ladies today ! Independent women xx
 From Hazar by BM which you can find in the boutique !
Within the same mall you can also find Bait al Muna which mixes of modern and traditional looks. Their boutique shows another side of Omani talents. 

 As wondering through muscat I got to see lovely fabrics which has given me an idea for new projects for my future and for my wardrobe… 🙂 


The locations vary from around qurum ( near sabco, khamis plaza and many more) .. its my little secret what I got !!! 
This is on one of the well known area in Muscat .. Shar3a al hub ( the Street of love). Sorry I was testing out my selfie stick ( yes I have joined in on it )! 
 as the sunsets in the area… its breathtaking 
It was a sandal kind of occasion when being in such a place! Bottega Veneta mango colour love 🙂
more to come about my trip to Oman ….. to be continued


One thought on “A Journey Through Muscat By The Beach

  1. Backpacking Series says:

    We have never been to Muscat and really, did not pay as much attention to is until we stumbled upon your post. Looks like the place is shoppers paradise! Especially the the jewellery section is very welcoming.

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