Every year I attend festivals for food and this time it was the Vegfest in Brighton. Vegfest is known to have everything for vegans but I feel like its more than that. I went with an open mind to new possibilities to understand some new food that helps the body and mind. There was alot of food options and lifestyle changes.

The Vegfest gave me the chance to find alternatives to alot of stuff I eat which I need to replace. As people and some of my clients ask me about diets, I tend on giving them simple tips but due to my own experience I always say “Don’t remove, just replace it”. What does that mean? Simple…. Do not remove desserts, just replace it with an alternative and healthy choice or replace bad fats with healthier ones. Festivals like Vegfest help alot of those who want to change their way of life, I say that due to experience and clients feedback.

My go-to to for alot of replacements is Coconut Merchant. They have a variety of ranges from jams, oil, syrups, sugars and more. All their products have made my life alot easier as they are tasty and affordable. I use their coconut oil alot in cooking and beauty. My fave from their range is their coconut spread, I tried both with and without cacao- amazing, tasty and much better than just having nutella.

My sweet tooth lives on forever so my love for chocolate is strong. I came across Ethicoco and loved the number of choices they provide. I bought 3 different flavours out of the 12 they have available. My fave so far is the chai latte, it was comforting and made me smile.

Kombucha is the new trend and a really good one, especially for the body. PJ Kombucha has 3 flavours and from what I know they might add another. Its a great replacement for fizz drinks, with a load of health benefits that might make your immune system and others happier. I found PJ great in cocktails or mocktails instead of adding soda or anything too fizz. Kombucha is rich in probiotics, has the benefits of green tea, supports the gut, protects the lungs, helps with type 2 diabetes and more benefits. All these are great reasons to start replacing your bad habits for some good ones.

I have a weakness for ice cream, Smooze has what I need for our heated and humid summer ahead. Its a good alternative for those who do not have dairy in their diet. Mango flavour is my fave one!!!

There is no food festival without a bit of fitness, especially with proteins. I love Raw Sport, and found their plant protein such a benefit to my daily life since most of it was being spent at the gym. Their website has amazing choices and in a month of just using their products, I have seen a difference in my body as well as my skin. It is also by far one of the tastiest shakes I have had after an intense gym session.

The go-to recharge on good day and a bad is definitely Pure Recharge. The flavours are good, the choices are nutritious and it’s just the right touches for a cold or hot day.


I love coming across cruelty-free make-up brands especially when they are affordable like DISCO. The brand has a mixture of ranges from powders, eyeshadows, high lighters, mascaras and many more. Its definitely been a good replacement since I bought it.

Eden my go-to perfume brand when I run out of my Arab perfumes. It is a cruelty-free brand which is affordable, caring and has an amazing amount of choices. Its insane with the number of smells that remind me of home sweet home, Dubai. I highly recommend them to anyone that needs alternatives at a great price.


Bfree is always on my shopping list when in Sainsbury, but this time I got to try alot of their other ranges. I have to say even with my constant purchase of the sweet potato or quinoa and chia wraps, I am loving their stone baked Pitta bread. Its a great alternative for gluten free and taste soo good.

This Vegfest was informative which was really refreshing to me. I was listening to some of the talks at the event, and really liked how they were encouraging people to change their way of life. It helped me to understand alot I didn’t know about animals being mistreated. Through this event, I have been able to research more and decided to change a few things in my own life.


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16 thoughts on “A Good Experience At VegFest Brighton

  1. dalibro says:

    Thanks for the article! I like your attitude of simply being open to new alternatives and trends without taking sides. Often there is this “I’m right” vs “you’re wrong” kind of battle between vegans/vegeterians and the others. :D. I also hope that cruelty-free cosmetics is the future!

  2. Lizzie says:

    Some great tips – “don’t remove, just replace” is a great one! I’m on my journey towards veganism (although I still think eat eggs because they’re so easy!) Brighton is so great for things like that!

  3. Danny Hill says:

    Veg fest looked good! Helps that it was in my beloved Brighton!

    Love your point about don’t take stuff out of your diet… replace it.

    Just look out at what you’re putting in your body!

    Btw great website, nice and quick and simple!

  4. Amy says:

    Although I’m not vegan, I recently took a trip to Brighton and tried the most amazing vegan food! Definitely want to go to the vegan festival! Great post 🙂

  5. Ali Dunnell says:

    As a vegetarian and a lover of Brighton this post couldn’t be more suited to me. I really enjoyed reading it and liked your photos and the inclusion of the video too, it really gave me a feel of the festival 🙂

  6. Joanna says:

    This sounds like a great event, even for non-vegans. I can see a lot of products in your post that are healthy and can be nice alternatives for meat eaters as well. I have never tried any of the brands here but I’d love to, especially the ones that base their products on coconut.

  7. Katie says:

    I’m always looking for ways to cut down on my meat intake, but it can be so difficult. This place looks like it’s full of info and tasty treats…perfect combo!

  8. Tif says:

    This is awesome you went! Even with an open mind and no judgement! Vegan items can be great even if you aren’t one! I would of love to go to this event!!

  9. Moraig says:

    This looks like a great event. We’ve started folllwong a largely vege diet so an event like this would be very beneficial. Thanks for the informative post

  10. Linh says:

    I haven’t heard about Vegfest before but it sounds amazing! All the products are of high quallity. I really can’t wait to join it myself!

  11. Claire says:

    I am one for those meat and cheese lover who is trying to make more conscious decisions when picking and this place looks great to learn to be better at it!

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