I love getting the chance to try different foods in Dubai as the options are insane, which is why I am in the gym most the time. This time it was time to take the adventures of my food love to Box Park on Al Wasl Road but we also had a peek of some shopping. A few of us bloggers had the chance to walk through the box park to taste some new concepts.

Marimekko is all colours … love how much you can make the house a fun coloured rainbow. There was a row of fabrics for pillows, curtains and even table clothes. 

 Their unique ideas to make your home comfortable is what we love to make everything come together. It sometimes makes me wish I could just make them design my whole house 🙂 — might be an overload of colour if I did it. 
 Biance was my italian home for one night.. with beautiful food and wonderful hospitality !
 They demonstrated how they make fresh mozzarella. 

 I have to say I am not usually a person to just it mozzarella but that was sooo good.. fresh and melts beautifully in the mouth. 

 Dri Dri is Gelato made for me !
Flavours of all kind, fresh and healthy 

 Urbanist shows love to bags with feelings 🙂 all of us women understand that feeling when ever we see a beautiful one like this. 
 There is a wee bit of menswear funk… 🙂
 Typo is my favourite place to be as I do love some pieces for the house that just gives it a pop of character. 
 I think I went pug crazy after some point!!
 FAZ loving it all
Zoo Concept is truly funky, gadgets that I want … 🙂

 When it comes to Emirati food Logma went out of their way to make it the most tasty in the city. Samosa’s with cheese and chips Oman is just the right combo of love for my wee tummy. 

 Salad with a date twist is a nice fresh flavour to the plate
This are by far the best french fries in this city!

A crepe filled with brownie is two mixes I havent heard of in a while and definitely delicious. The Brownie Box is definitely a must visit you want to get good dessert with loads of brownies.

The amount of choices I had, it was like Eid came early. Such wonderful flavours from marshmallow to raspberry and many more. 
After this whole night, I couldnt walk properly back to my car. The food was delicious and the company was just right. I got know more about other things we have in Dubai as well as meet some wonderful people. 

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