Time has passed and I have been at home like a diva. Its been 2 months or more since lock down . It has not be bad as this has given me the opportunity to catch up on things. I have wanted to do so much but hadnt the time to do; like to read and cook more. This has also been good, as I have the chance to look like a fashionista in lounge wear from Femme Luxe.

Looking Stylist In Red Lounge Wear Sets

I have had the chance to catch up on reading. My kindle feels like a new friend even after having it over 2 years (story of my life). I have been able to read alot of self care, self care, and self development books. I feel like I am a new person.

Comfortable and soft in Grey Lounge Wear Sets

Its been 2 months at home and alot has changed even my food. I have a great relationship with food but now an even better one. I have been learning to cook some amazing new dishes from Oman, Zanzibar and more. The kitchen has always been my 2nd bedroom in the house.

Happy in Another Red Lounge Wear Sets

The good things about be able to wear all this at home, it can be worn as anything. I think in my world it works. I wear it as pyjamas, walking to the shop clothing or even my everyday lazy wear. Its also great that I mix and match it with all sorts.

The crocodile is my friend… I am crazy enough to have one.

Lounging at home has been the best part of the year for me. I have got to relax and still work. I have got the chance to breath, and rethink.

All Photos by Danilo Torissi

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19 thoughts on “A Fashionista In Lounge Wear

  1. CA says:

    I have seen quite several lounge wear posts lately. They are really cool and comfortable to look at. I might start checking them out soon.

  2. Maria says:

    Beautiful post that gives me such a good vibe. I had days when I sit till afternoon in pyjamas, but I try not to make a habit out of it. Is proved that hanging around in pyjamas at home it gives you some kind of laziness feeling.

  3. Chantal says:

    Love it!!! You are definitely working the comfort look. I like that you are having fun. It is nice that you have been able to read some self-development book during these times for yourself. I have done the same. Keep it up!!!

  4. Rachel Lynn says:

    I’ve been LIVING in loungewear lately. Working from home has made it so hard NOT to. And completely agree about taking time to catch up on things I didn’t have time to before. I don’t think I’ve EVER cooked as much as I am now.

  5. Elizabeth O says:

    Good for you to find a way to slay your inner fashionista. Hahaha. Your lounge wear selections are cute.

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