Day 2 and the adventures continues… Its an early morning after I got knocked out at 10pm the night before. Tired was the word to describe how I felt. The morning started with a simple breakfast at a little cafe in Alfama called Rainha D. Amelia. After a quick breakfast it was time to head to Museum Do Fado… Definitely a must visit in Lisbon to understand the music sung through the city at dinner time.


After some time in the museum and understand the meaning of the music, history and famous songs… It was time for a break. Just outside the museum there are a few cafes, in my world is any excuse to eat more food and chill in the sun.


After sitting and thinking of what to do, we wondered through the city until we decided we wanted to visit Belem. To get to Belem it useful to get the transport map out as it all depends where you are. We took the underground till we go the train to Cascais which stops in Belem. Its just about a 10 minute journey in the train! The town is lovely, cute and alot ofo history. 


We walked through the Mosteiro Jeronimos in Belem… The views and place is just beautiful and a dream world. It felt like I was standing in another world which is so long ago which has changed our lives. 



As going through the monastery you can also get a combined ticket to go see the Belem tower. Its definitely worth a visit because the views from the top… Woooow is the only word for me. 


Sunny days calls for some food….. We took a tuk tuk from Belem Tower to town and found the Time Out Market Lisboa. It was meant to be !!!!!!! All the food you can eat from the best independent food brands, which by far is always the best to try out. I went insane and couldnt decide but ended up going for a seabass.


It was delicious and something I needed.. I do believe even on holidays I should still try to keep eating healthy. It makes such a difference on a hot days, especially when you by the sea side. 


We got back to the apartment, had a little nap to get ourselves ready to go out for a Saturday night boogie. We went to eat in Bairro Alto which is said to be the young and hip area. We were being trendy ( hahahaa trying to ) but before going for a boogie, it was another food session. 


It not a typical restaurant where you have separate tables. I loved it because it felt like we were part of a community that talks to each other. Through the meal there were several Fado singers, which has different tempo’s and lovely voices, with beautiful stories. 


The night took us to a few bars in Bairro Alto. It was really nice because you didn’t see anyone getting into fights or shouting. There were bars all on one long street, you can buy your drink and chill on the streets which is great to mingle with people. We did call it an early night because we wanted to go to the beach on Sunday !!!!!

Check out the Saturday journey ….

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