I decided to check off another active off my bucket list -learn golf.. To most that know me it sounds crazy because I am not a person to do such activities but I had a change of heart. I decided to head to The Track and try to learn or more like understand golf at The Meydan Academy by Troon. I have to say it was a good experience but not on the most perfect day (it was windy, and there was a sort of sand storm) but that doesn’t stop me from learning.

I decided to head to The Track, Meydan Golf which was a mission to get through if you don’t know the place but once there you don’t really want to leave. The staff were helpful when my google map decided not to work half way to the location. I needed to find the Academy by Troon which was about 2 minutes from The Track by car.

My coach for the lesson was a Pro, Alex Nicholson. It was so helpful with teaching me from scratch and what I needed to know about golf. It was interesting … NO JOKE! I didn’t realize how much it takes to get the ball in the hole until I was trying to do it myself. 

Its not as easy as it looks but it was fun learning the basics of golf. I highly recommend trying a class to understand what I really mean. The Track at the Tron Academy  is great with lots of room for learning and growing. 



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