Its sunday and like any Europe country, everything is usually closed or opening late. In my case, all stores were closed but lots of food available. The only time I even complain, when there is food available ( Typical Farah- as my mum says). It ended being a very relaxed day and got to catch up with an old friend.

It was an early morning running for me as always, its the perfect way to start my day in Faro. It creates this sense of peace when having the time to run in such a beautiful location. I ran future and got to see the little houses, met a few barking dogs and just took it all in. As soon as I had my run, got a little breakfast and went to the beach with Bianca.


It was time to explore Faro and find more food. All the shopping stores for clothing, books or anything sort of fashionable were closed. It only meant one thing………. FOOOOOOOOD. We wondered through the town in about 27 degree weather, the ideal weather for October.

Faro, is populated with Portuguese people which is what I liked about it. Not alot of tourist and not alot of drunk people which made walking around the town lovely. The town reminded a little of Muscat in Oman with the old architecture, which I am sure all has a story to tell. The people were polite and helpful.

About 1pm and my tummy was wanting food, so we stopped for a snack at Padaria Urbana. They has soooooo many options I wanted it all. When it comes to Portuguese pastries I stick to my favourite, Pastel De Nata. It was a nice fruit juice and pastry to break my hunger madness.

After a long walk, it was town for a real meal – LUNCH TIME. We looked for a tradition Portuguese dish from Faro which surprised us with all amazing taste. The dish we got was a seafood cataplana, and when it came it was filled with delicious seafood and a sauce that was divine.

After a good meal, My mum and I headed to see a good old friend I havent seen I was 12. Omar is an inspiring young man who makes me so proud, and seeing him after such a long time made my trip to Faro even better.

At about 5pm it was time to head back to Praia to Faro for a ladies fun session on the beach. It was time to see the last sunset in Faro with a beer and good company. Our dinner was at our favourite place, Wax Restaurant.




24 thoughts on “A Blast From The Past On A Sunday In Faro

  1. Jean says:

    At least there was delicious food on offer. Coming from Australia most things are open on a Sunday. I find it so frustrating when travelling that other countries don’t have this too.

  2. Hazel says:

    Faro looks fab! We’ve just got back from Lisbon (learning to surf, badly!) and are new fans of Portugal. Will add Faro to the list of places to go back and visit!

  3. Rachelle says:

    Sounds like a great day: food, family, and friends. Doing culinary tours of new places is a delicious way to experience the city. Your lunch sounded and looked fantastic!!

  4. Helene says:

    Looks lovely! So dedicated of you to go for runs on your holiday:) I should probably go to Faro sometime since Portugal is so close to where I live. The seafood dish looks delicious, I’ll have to try it sometime!

  5. Ara says:

    Wow! It seems that you had a lot of fun! It’s nice to hear your story because it brings the positive vibe! And omg!!! The seafood though! It looks so delicious that makes me want to taste it! You’ve got a great post! Keep going!

  6. Rea says:

    I’ve never heard of this place until I see this post. It’s amazing! It makes me yearn more of the beach and the sand.
    You also sound like you had a great time and I’m glad you did!
    Share more of your fun and filling adventures!

  7. Marvi says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day.. AND you got to see a long time friend after a long time is just fantastic!.. The seafood cataplana looks delicious too.. Craving for some seafood now!

  8. Gabby says:

    what a great day in Faro. I spent a vacation in nearby Lagos and I loved the mood in Portugal: lounging on beautiful beaches, eating seafood, and repeating!

  9. Abhinav Singh says:

    Faro looks so cool. Who would want to leave a beautiful place like this. I enjoyed all your crazy pictures, haha. The Portuguese dish looks good I hope you can find vegan food in Faro.

  10. Moimehr says:

    I must try Pastel De Nata, but unfortunately there are no Portuguese restaurants around. You are more of a beach person, I like the liveliness of your pictures and the funny faces you make. Seems you had a great day. Faro looks like a great place to visit in Portugal.

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