As a second day comes, a new beginning as well as a new hotel in Lisbon ( I thank God!) . It was a quick decision as soon as we got back to nightmare hotel, my mum and I decided to change it ASAP. Luckily with we were able to book into a new hotel and a better one called Hotel Mundial. It was just a 5 min walk but 7 mins with luggage from where we were previous staying.


We decided to get some sunshine before checkout of the hotel, and walk towards Castelo De S. Jorge which was a mission but worth it. We walked up hundreds of stairs, a few hills and bumped into a few lovely people and all worth it to see the view of Lisbon. I love stepping into the history, as reading into more and more through the decades and the time of the moors to the first appointed King of Portugal. Once you get to the Castle, you come into a view that is priceless even though I did pay to get in. It was 8 but worth every penny I paid. 


The castle was sort of intacted but it was still something to look at- ITS HISTORY. I did sit and think how much the Portuguese give to the world and the list seems to be long. The city has so much history to show for it from castle to streets and beautiful food as well as delicious wine. After a walk around the castle and wondering through stories of history. We had to head back to leave the hotel we were staying in. I booked to stay at Hotel Mundial, which has a better reputation, well from all the reviews seems better than what I was staying in. 

Hotel Mundial is very central and easy to get to, so it was not a mission to find. I decided to check in early so that I could wonder about the city. Once checked into the hotel and bags were in my room, I had a little wonder around the room. I came across some of the Lisboa merchandising,  it was pretty cool and something I haven’t seen in some of hotels I have stayed in. 

After half another of being nosy and charging my phone, I needed food and I always tend on coming across some lovely people. I found a little store that personalizes everything from baby clothes, aprons, hats and more but I had to have my name something which was done by Margarida F Santos ( Check the Youtube video for what it looks like!). It  was time for a coffee and ice cream break, the coffee was for my mum and the ice cream for me at Amorino. 

A few hours out and we were tired, so I nap was in order but if you saw my wee youtube video, I sneaked out for more food before having a late dinner. Typical FARAH!!!!! Its great being able to travel with my mum as she is exactly like me, maybe not crazy but just enough. 

Before heading off to dinner, I popped up to the Rooftop Bar in the hotel. It is soo beautiful seeing Lisbon at night, with great drinks ( try Portuguese gin) and if your cold there is a blankets. My outfit for the night is was simple, with a missguided dress, a top shop jacket which I have been stamping with designs and my Marella Bag and not forget my shoes which are some fab silver Clarks shoes. I am not colour blind, just colourful. 

Dinner was amazing as my dear friend Josh joined us, who by the way is a talented musician and took us to a fab family restaurant, Aqui Ha Peixe. The restaurant was welcoming, and definitely has some life to it and the food was perfect. If you are a person that loves your seafood, then this is definitely a place to visit. The owners behind it are wonderful and a joyful. 

Day 2 in Lisbon has ended on a good note… A feeling I always aim for by being positive and wake up with a smile. They may be a problem but there is always a solution 🙂 The best thing on this journey is not just the places I visit but the people I meet. 


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