These are some of my favourite instagrammers. There are many more inspiring instagrammers but I couldn’t fit them all on one blog. This is just to inspire you through veganuary. These are mixture of instagram chefs, chefs, fitness coachs, vegan news and many more from different parts of the world.


Plant Boiis

I had to give credit to these 9 men who are always inspiring through their delicious vegan dishes. They give you some awesome recipes to try out at home and reviews. They are definitely worth following.

_plantchef – Giuseppe Federici

Vgangreviews – CJ

Madebyblitz – Calum

Pengveganmunch– Jacob

Johnnnymeatless J.M

Bensvegankitchen -Ben

Nomeatdisco– Sam

Veganezer -Ebenezer Scrooge

Veganfoodandplaces– Will


London Vegan Babes


Emmasditto – emma


Vegan News







Plantyou– Carleigh Bodrug


Addictedtohumus– Manel and Hanna


Onegreatvegan– Gabrielle Reyes

These instagrammers are based in the US but influence through their amazing Asian dishes.

Thekoreanvegan  – Joanne Molinaro

Thevietvegan – Lisa La

Chez.jorge – George Lee


Woon.heng – woon heng

Middle Eastern

Instagrammers that influence with their middle eastern  and North African vegan cusines

Theegyptianplanteater – Farida




Chefs who inspire with their cook books as well as instagram.

Avantgardenvegan – Gaz Oakley – Henry and Ian

Vegan Fitness

Hench_herbivore – Paul

Naturallystefanie – Stefanie



If you want to join this Veganuary its not too late. CLICK HERE





19 thoughts on “30 Instagrammers That Will Inspire You In Veganuary – Part1

  1. Predrag Kovačević says:

    Thanks for sharing. My family needs more vegan recipes because we do not eat anything animal for half of the year (religious fast).

  2. Christian says:

    I didn’t know that there were so many vegan influencers on Instagram. Would totally recommend to follow them for those who wanna try the vegan lifestyle!

  3. Emman Damian says:

    Wow! Great list! I’ll definitely keep an eye on them. My partner is vegetarian so I’ll change my diet this year.

  4. Gervin Khan says:

    Awesome post, the list is on the top of the line. This will be a busy veganuary, definitely, a must-try of everything on the list, loved it!

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