2018, was a good year for me as I had so much to be proud of as well as to be happy. I traveled quite a bit, met some new people, created new memories and experienced a lot through the year. Through this year, I also learned to create changes in my life to be happier especially how I see myself. I have lived a year with no regrets and a lot of laughter.


I celebrated the start of 2018 in Havana, Cuba which was a dream come true. It was a trip that opened my eyes and heart even more. I was also proud that 11 years of dancing Cuban Casino had paid off. The trip to Cuba brought be back to the UK with a sense of gratitude and uttermost appreciation for the life I have.  It was the start to the year of change for me. Once I got back to the UK, I was straight back into work from editing the blog posts, videos, and modeling for shoots. It was exciting.

February,  I travelled to to Dublin and met up with a good friend Bianca ( we met in Faro, Portugal). We toured the wonderful city from day to night and met some amazing people at our hostel as well on a night out. We laughed a lot, ate a lot, drank a lot and danced even more before we left.

March, all work with a twist of play. It was Vegfest season and my first time attending the event. It was eye-opening and wonderful. I attend the event to find replacement food for dairy and protein shakes. I found the event really educational and helpful in creating more changes in my daily diet.

April, time to head home to Dubai. It was such a good trip as I had 2 weeks in the sun with some good food, friends and new memories. Its always good to be home especially in a growing city like Dubai. I had some amazing food from different parts of the world in one city. I also finally got to see the so-called famous Ferrari World.

As soon as I arrived back in England, I was off to see Nashville Live. It was a dream seeing the TV series actors live in concert. I was staying in Greenwich near the O2 Arena and got see face some of my fears of height as well. (CLICK HERE)

May, it was time to get my fitness up another level with the Balance Festival. It was a good festival with so much to do. It gave me the motivation to be healthy, try new exercises and stay active. Through the month, I was active with work with photoshoots and even met Star Boy by chance.

June, a busy month but a great one as well. I got to see Shakira live in London ( Ticked off my bucket list). It was also the month I decided to push on getting to meet more friends who are girls. It sounds weird to some but I decided it was time that I meet women who inspire me even more.


July, my birthday month and an exciting one. I headed to Lisbon with 2 of my best friends to celebrate my 30th. It was a week of alot of fun, sun, drinking, walking, dancing and laughing. I managed to go on 2 amazing trips through Sintra and Lisbon ( definitely worth trying the tours).  It was also the kind of month I started to watch K-Dramas ( the addiction started). As coming to the end of July, it was the Enchanted Festival which I filmed and modeled in – It is definitely I must go to event in Horsham.

August, it was Pride time in Brighton and some of my girls and I headed to the city. Its another Must-go to event in the UK every year.

September, I head home to Dubai but I had not posted alot on it due to an injury. A good time being home and I ended up trying some good Khaleeji food. Once I arrived back in the UK, I booked tickets to see Maluma with my friend Rebekah ( I met her on Bumble BFF).

October, a month I decided I need to start learning Korean. I watched so many K-dramas and listening to a lot of Korean Hip Hop, that I fell in love with the language. I started using HelloTalk and ended up meeting 2 wonderful new Korean friends and learning alot about their culture.

Busy Time Of The Year

November, headed back to Lisbon for work… Websummit. It was a good 3 days of learning about technology, new concepts, and innovations within the world of the internet.  I have to say it is definitely worth attending if you are a youtuber, or blogger. I meet up with old friends and Josie ( I know her from #GLTLOVE)  When I got back to the UK, my girls and I had a gathering at mine before my lovely friend Hayan left back to Korea ( I miss her).

I realized even more that the women in my life are so inspiring, supportive and loving I feel blessed. It was also another month I modeled with Alima for Lav Vida Boutique.


December, it was a crazy month but another good one. I applied for a TEFL certificate, as I was told I am good at teaching English. I thought I should try out the course and get a chance to see where it takes me. I took one of my best friends to London to watch Magic Mike as a birthday present, very entertaining.  I finally got to see my babe Adrianna who used to be my neighbor when I first moved back to the UK. We went out two times for Kpop/K hip hop nights one by Kevents and another 1on1 events, where I had to the chance to make even more friends.

I have to say THANK YOU 2018 for being EPIC and THANK YOU all for being part of my journey. I hope your all part of my 2019 Journey…


My Friends Around The World… And Many More 

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  1. Nick & Anya says:

    Fabulous blog! 🙂
    You are definitely a sparkle of beautiful energy here in Horsham. We’re so glad to have you here.
    Keep on blogging, keep on vlogging, and definitely keep on dancing!
    Here’s to an every more awesome 2019!

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