I am giving you a little introduction about myself after 7 years of blogging. I know its taken some time but I have had to adjust to being a little be more open about my life.

1- I am from Oman but I grew up between Dubai and London ( I have been told I am not Omani due to how I am .. hahaha). My parents are also a bit mixed blood.

2- Its take me 25 years to stop caring what people think about me … So haters keep on hating. I am 30 now and living my best life.

3- I love to dance especially Cuban casino or Cuban Salsa ( been dancing for over 11 years… Its addictive). I started out dancing ballet, hip hip, street jazz and then salsa. I can also dance a bit of bachata and merengue.

4- I am always in Portugal ( there will be more information about why I am always there soon ). I have been there about 6 times in the past 3 years. CLICK HERE for more

5- I have struggled with my weight since I was 18.

6- I was born without any thyroid glands.

7- I played football on and off since I was 11 to 24 years old.

8- I have been blogging for 6 and a half years.

9- I am always laughing. I love to smile and laugh alot.

10- My favourite food is shawarma and chicken wings

11- I try to eat really healthy and try different diets ( Usually part of my blog work)

12- Yellow is the colour that makes me smile – Seems to be my go-to colour naturally.

13- I was bullied in high school for the way I look.

14- I love to cook. It all started when I was in University.

15- I love watching Tv Series in other languages. I watch shows in Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and Hindi with subtitles.



This a video of other facts I might have not mentioned in this blog..  CLICK HERE




Photographer: Danilo Torrisi

Make-up/Hair: Tia Bliss



6 thoughts on “15 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. Evana Sequeira says:

    Oh damn I did not know you are Omani ♥️ & shawarma Loved Reading this cuz I learnt so much about you now! Want to meet you even more

  2. Mohie says:

    Love this! Just goes to show no one has it easy in life but if you keep fighting you can achieve anythinf you want.

    Keep this up. Xx

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