As the heat hits here and there the last thing on our mind is to be over layered. Global warming is hitting hard at odd times with in the year but we are feeling it, so the clothes we wear matter. We all think light and easy to wear in the heat. I try my best not to show to much even in the heat. In order to find such clothing, I look for clothing that flow, that are light and easy to put with any trousers, jeans or skirts and maybe occasionally shorts. I came across this little boutique called The Essence of Fashion just a few months ago, which have little pieces great for all seasons.

Photo by Sophie Ward

This beautiful white and grey patterned top gives me plenty of room to dress the look up or down for any occasion. I pair the top with some jeans and flat silver shoes, which a great fit for a summers day, if you are the type to cover yourself up. I would also pair it up with a pencil skirt or trousers with heels for and evening look. The top is flattering on any skin tone and body shape depending on what you pair it with.

Photo by Sophie Ward

This top can go with several different pieces in everyone’s wardrobe, the only way to find out is to try. I love the top due to it being bright, light, flows well, covers the parts I don’t like to show, and it still keeps me stylish. Essence of Fashion is great because if for women of all sizes and shapes as well as affordable.

If you want any styling tips when buying from the boutique let me know by email : or contact Essence of Fashion.



Pictures by Sophie Ward Photography 


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