Yellow Lives In My World

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Recently I started looking at online boutiques selling 1950’s outfits and came across Lindy Bop. I bought one dress and then had to buy another… it just became a little obsession I really do love. As most that read my blog and know me, knows I have a crazy love for the colour yellow and butterflies. In my world they remind me of happiness all the time( sorry I sound like I am have gone crazy to others)… ‘Never introduced myself as normal’. 

I know its winter and its insane to just wear too much colour…. NOT in my world! I had to get my hands on this lovely yellow 1950’s dress. Of course I don’t go for a whole look, I twist it !! 

I imaged this look in my head and had to make it come to life… it’s just something I had to put together! Some of you may think I have lost the plot but I always say the impossible is possible. 

I love a good leather jacket… I have had this one for years and always match it with most my looks! This jacket and go with anything.

 Just because it rains in Edinburgh it certainly did not stop me from running around town in my bright yellow dress…. I say have no fear when it comes to fashion! 

I felt like singing in the rain but certainly did not want to make anyone putting ear plugs in the ear, was not meant for singing. 

Jacket: Zara (Similar to go with the look)
Boots : Clarks 
Necklace: Forever 21 (Old piece) 
Belt: H&M 
Petticoat: Lindy Bop

Photos by Kaz Strathemore – Strathemore Photography

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