Winter Ready at Timberland A/W 2015/16 Preview

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Winter Ready??!! What ??!! Are crazy !!?? We live in Dubai !!!!!!!! Yes We all know that but some of us travel overseas to places colder during the winter. This week I attended the A/W preview for Timberland’s new collection. Their boots are known to be strong and durable especially through rainy days and snowy months especially when you live in Scotland, Norway, Sweden and other countries of such weather conditions. Instead of writing paragraphs of what the event was like, I videoed my journey.


Click here to Check it on Youtube: Timberland A/W 2015/16 Preview 

I loved the musicians voice at the Arcade and the dancers performance at the beginning of the show. The man behind finding all these talents, Dan Bolton  ! Dan has a group of talents he scouts for and brings to life through live shows  ( Definitely must see more events he is part of ). The fashion show showcased some nice pieces which are good basics for a winter wardrobe.

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