Who Said You Need Someone For V Day

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It’s come to that day where everyone gets all lovie dovie for one day of the whole year…. its overrated! I think this is just another day where us girls and guys need to be more confident in our skin to be single and happy. Those that have someone in their life.. why are you just celebrating how much you love each other just on February 14th? 

Why don’t you get up off that sad seat of yours and do something productive with your time.. 🙂  This is not just for the girls but also for those guys who are also mopping about.
Try :
1) Going to the spa… yes and some couples may be there but hey you are going to relax not stare at others.

2) Try a different activity which you usually don’t go for- Salsa classes, a new exercise class ( which means if you exercise enough, you be too dam tired to think your lonely on Valentines day)
3) If you at home, aim to watch a comedy or a horror movie or a thriller – works perfect when your are sacred.
4) Get a bunch of your single friends who make you laugh… hopefully some have partners who are not annothing about V day … and just have fun with dinner, drinks and alot of laughing , maybe a wee boggie on the dance floor.

5) Why don’t you just have a chill out day and get into a hot bath and chilled out music…forget about everything just for a day or a few ours. ( Lush or the Body shop is a great place to those relaxing bubble baths and soaps)

I realised we forget to relax and just be simple with our time… We think of 5 million things at the same time instead of just having ‘ME TIME’. 

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