When Food Calls We Run!

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Its well known that when food calls we run for it … This time Irina, Dee ( blogger) and I headed to Classic Burger Joint for the opening in Sheikh Zayd Road. It was worth the trip even though I do not like SZR due the crazy traffic. After stuffing ourself with some burgers we needed desert and always there to support a cause, Salt it was. Salt has 10 days of their pink rose ice cream to support breast cancer month.

burher 1

Check out the video of our experience !!!! 

Classic Burger Joint provided a great portion of food but I do believe I should have gone to the gym before it all happened. Their fries were delicious and had alot of flavour. Its a small cosy place at the end of Sheikh Zayd Road with a great packaging allowing you to order to take away.

burger 12

The next stop was Salt, which is always my favourite. A beach side view and when there is events there is always a great musician. We went to try their October ice cream for breast cancer, pink rose.

salt 1

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