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As I work in office during the day I try my best not to wear the typical black or navy suit… its boring to me. It sometimes hard to decide how to tone down my mad colours so I attempted a few looks through the week to try to make my look ‘Farah’ with out going crazy… ( something I am known to do at times..lol) . I am not exactly a lady who follows the trends as I believe I set my own style that suits me and my body shape. I have a bit of a boyish figure so have a belt to show off my waist is what I usually do.

I decided to try 3 different looks as I love changing my style but one thing never changes it the amount of colour I wear … hehehe I love love love it !

I am a yellow lover and its been like that since I was a wee one, its a colour that makes me smile and suits my brownie skin tone. This mid skirt from Fashion Union is lovely and light so in hot weather is doesn’t stick to you or feels heavy.. My shirt is from a random store which I really can’t remember and my heels are from Kenneth Cole which is wonderful when walking and had several different tones in the sun light. The purple handbag is from Givenchy ( it was love at first sight) . The lovely mustard colour sunglasses are Burberry 🙂 

I love this knee length skirt as its just at the length and I love the star patterns, I popped it together with a blue skirt from Mango as its a stand out colour. The pink heels are from LK Bennett and are extremely comfortable. I put this look together as I really did not want to wear figure hugging pencil skirt, this look made feel comfortable but confident and in style in my own world. 

This is a my easy going look, I usually don’t wear trousers like these but they are extremely comfortable from Mango. My shirt is an oversized from Kings Hill which really doesn’t exist anymore but I have had it for years and put it with alot of my outfits. My heels are from my favourite designer LK Bennett and its a love so strong that I keep on going to their stores to buy moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. ( Its a wee addiction I have) 

I always get asked about my style and always say the same things… I wear what suits me and reflects my personality. Dressing on trend doesn’t always go well and people don’t like admitting to it. Not ever outfit suits everybody and every body shape. Try to wear 2 sizes too small as it never looks attractive on any lady. I also advise on trying on the clothing before buying it especially when it comes to trousers or dresses and even blazers. 

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