Vegfest is my favourite festival to attend in Brighton as it has helped me alot with my change of food. I found the even educational and had taught me alot to help me reduce my intake of meat. The event has over 100 vendors with products and services that help those who are vegan as well as those with allergies. Its 2 floors of wonderful food, beauty, and more for everyone. I would like to advise some when attending an even like this, please try to have an open minded to new possibilities as well as new tastes.

The event was great for me as it was not as crowded as it was last year. I was able to see more of the whats available on the market. I found it difficult at times to find dairy free products in supermarkets so festivals like these are what I need. I find the latest as well as tastes dairy free and meat free products.

Raw Sport- Vegan Protein Powder

Ever since my first visit to Vegfest, Raw sports has a soft spot in my heart. They introduced me to some tasty protein powders that I still use till today. They are great because they do not stop at one source for creating their master pieces. They push the boundaries and go in deep. Everytime I watch their videos on instagram, I definitely learn alot. I high recommend them 100%.

Desserts are my weakness so when I see yummy goodies from Global Fusion Vegan Creole I run towards them. Their banana bread is delicious and great with a cup of tea.

Lovely Buns

Its love at first bite when it comes to Lovely Buns. I first saw them in Horsham and had a few cupcakes that just had me wanting more. Lovely Buns has such quality desserts that is made with alot of love.

Rum rum rummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes I said it. This is some good rum. Coconut and rum has got me wanting to head back to Cuba for the day in the sun. Aluna is a small company in Sussex who makes rum with alot of love at a good price.

Its Cham not jam from Eat Cham… I love this. Its the perfect sort of jam for those that are trying to reduce sugar intake. I am a lover of raspberry jam in general. The taste was the perfect mix with raspberry and chia seeds. I have literally tried this on toast with banana, pancakes and more. I high recommend them.

Jackfruit has become my best replacement for my love for beef or chicken. That statement maybe crazy to some but its how I feel every since trying Uptown Naturals. I have properly had every single flavor of theirs and its so tasty in a sandwich or even in a salad. If you don’t believe me … TRY IT.

Vego is another level addiction for me. Yes, I found my replacement for all the chocolate cravings with VEGO. They have come out with even newer products such a Almond white chocolate. Call me crazy all you want but I am happy with a few too many bars of this. If I complain I have gained weight, well you now know my hidden secret. haha.

The Vegfest made those hard working day of not being able to cook at home easier with Mitch’s Kitchen. I am in love with oriental choices of quick microwave or even oven meals. They provide 9 delicious and nutritious dishes for the last minute, overly worked, forgetful or even tired humans like me. The food comes in recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Healthy and saving a bit of our environment, 2 in 1 ….. Yeaaaah.

I love a good cup of tea but never thought of it in my food till I tried Lost Tea. It blew my mind with how easy it is to have as a meal with so much flavour.

I have not forgotten to hydrate at all with trying all this food. The West Berkshire Brewery supplied me with what I needed. The amount of choices were unlimited for all kinds of taste palettes. The one that got me the most was Smoke on the Porter which is a seasonal special.

For all those that know me you can always smell the Arab come through with my perfumes. If I am not home to Dubai by my oil fragrance, I would go to Eden Perfumes instead. The amount of choices of scents, I practically go insane and end up buying 2 of 3 of the oud perfumes. I love the company and all the people behind it.

When it comes to beauty I try to supply my face and body with as natural products as possible. I came across Honest Hemp at Vegfest. It was something I have never tried but the amount of good reviews I checked out online as made me think… Girl you have to try it. Hemp has alot of benefits especially for those with an oil skin, it also helps with anxiety.

Vegfest also provided platforms for magazines with highlights on matters the are not being covered by journalist at the scene. I have read 2 issues of New Internationalist and found lots of interesting articles.

An overall view on vegfest…. its always a 10/10 for me as I learn alot from the event. It opens my mind to new possibilities, new faces and to catch up with some good friends while eating good food.

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