Turban Love with El-J Brand

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El-J is a wonderful brand in Dubai which I can personally say I always have to look at them through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The collection they made to start the holy month was based on Turbans which were beautiful put together. There is several colours and styles with a bit of bling and without. 

Some may think only those who wear a hijab can wear these turbans, that is not true. These are made for everyone! 
You can pop on this beautiful turban’s with your dresses and skirts and jeans, then twist it by making your hair curly or straight. I have seen these looks on several bloggers and designers as it is an easier way to make your style pop out without doing to much to your hair. 

The collection is kept soft and sweet just to give every the choice to wear it with everything.

I love the pop of colours that El-J has put into the collection, which blend so lovely with any colour clothing.  I do find wearing these turbans wonderful for those fashionistas and those ladies your wear hijabs. 

These are some of my favourite shoots, its elegant and lovely with the perfect touch of colours together ! 

For more on El-J : CLICK HERE

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