Travel To 3 Beaches In The Algarve, Portugal.

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Its another day in the sunshine in the Algarve so there was every reason to live it all up on the beach. The three musketeers who were my mum, Bianca ( a new friend who we met in Faro) and myself decided to see more of the Algarve beaches. As we rented a car it gave us the option to explore a lot more. Of course before starting the adventure I decided to run through Praia de Faro and see the landscape of where I was staying before the day really starts.

The first stop was Faro city centre before heading to see the beaches. We wondered through the town and forgot nothing really opens to 10am. After a 2nd breakfast for me at a little café in the city centre we started the journey.

The 2nd stop was Albufeira as very popular area for British tourist and not my biggest fan of tourist. I know I sound harsh but it didn’t feel like I was in Portugal being there. We decided to chill by the beach and then head to lunch at a restaurant that was right in front of us. Most of the menu had the typical English options. The chef was so kind enough to give us a Portuguese cuisine which was a million times more delicious than an English fish and chip. After a good 2 hours burning ourselves on the beach it was time to leave the ‘Little Britain town’ to head to the next beach.

The 3rd stop is Quarteira which is about 15-20 minute drive from Albufeira by car. Quarteira is a quiet area with a lot of retired people. The sea was calm and deep with a tranquil feel through the area. They have a beautiful and clean designed footpaths where you will be able to get to see some cafes and restaurants. After an hours chill out but the beach it was time to head back.


The final stop is home, Praia de Faro. A beach I high recommend for those that want to avoid tourist and crowded beaches. We chilled the rest of the day on the beach until we needed to get dressed to eat.

Bianca and I decided we needed a night out in Faro, so we got dressed and got an Uber. We went out to Columbus Bar which is a well-known cocktail bar in Faro with some unusual cocktails. It was a pleasant night of just exploring the night scene.

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