The Women Behind CEECODE…Cynthia Pennikian!!!

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The women behind Ceecode is the the talented Cynthia Pennikian, whose love for handbags became her future. I am was fortunate to get a interview with the ambitious business women and designer.

Interview :

1- How did Ceecode come to be ?
Studying marketing and design got me thinking to open up my own line bags. It was a hobby initially and once it was highlighted in department stores it then became a venture into the world of funky handbags.

2- Why did you choose to design all kinds of bags?
I wanted to focus on possible everyday demographic for women and provide them with different bags for different occasions. 

3- Who is a Ceecode customer?
A customer who is not reckless but a risk taker and for whom everyday of life is a runway show. Someone who is all about making statements and like to shine through the crowd.

4- What/Who is your inspiration to create your bag collection through the seasons?
I do get inspired through out the seasons trend and what clicks me the most is Street Style. I love to mix colors and those inspirations I get from anything I see in my day-to-day life, whether it’s a flower or furniture or to a world of graffiti’s.

5-What do you hope to be doing in 5 years? 
I would be opening my own stores and opening them in different countries. 

6- What advice do you have for those future bag designers?
  Believe in originality and your ambitions because life is all about taking risks. Never underestimate your dreams.

7-What is the summer must have from Ceecode?
The Neon wristlet clutches and mini cross bags are perfect for travel in this summer.

For more on Ceecode : CLICK HERE 

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