Technology at London Fashion Week

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London has taken fashion to another level with new technology, bringing fashion to the consumers. The brands such as Topshop, House of Holland, Burberry and Hunter has brought consumers closer to the brand. 
We all live on our phones, laptops or ipads to look for the latest styles or buy whats on the runway. The brands have decided to take advantage of that by allowing the consumers to have the latest fashion instead of waiting. 

Topshop is always a great example of brand taking technology to another level. Last year they allowed their customers to pre-order any of the collections as soon as they got on to the runway. Which had boosted sales. This year they took it a step further and connected everything together. They launched a ‘Social catwalk’ which allowed the consumers to see three looks from the Topshop Unique Spring 15 collection, which was exclusively on facebook after their Sunday show. The shoppers who were addicted to Topshop and watch their social media like a hawk, were able to also then have access to six looks from their show and then were able to buy it online or in the Oxford Circus Flagship store. Another added goodie to this, was the flagship store window. The window was transformed with three screens which streamed the Topshop Unique show to those who pass by the store. Those Topshop Social media fans were also allowed to have their pictures posted on the window with hashtag #TopshopWindow. If they didn’t hashtag pictures from their phone and they were near by the store they could still enter red carpet in-store and take pictures which were directly sent to window. 
Topshop has learnt to connect their consumers with everything they do especially London Fashion Week. 

House of Holland has also jumped on bandwagon of technology with their MeModel avatar. The brand allowed consumers to try on the outfit on an avatar model before pre ordering it. by going on to the consumers can try on the outfit according their height, weight and bra size. 

Technology has made consumers want more from the designers and to be the first to have it! 

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