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Name:  Tara Nowy (otherwise known as Taz)
Age: 21
Nationality: Scottish/German 
Occupation: Professional International Model.
Agencies: LMM (Dubai) and Model Team (Glasgow)
1)Why did you want to start modelling ? 

I originally didn’t want to model, I was very nerdy and a complete tomboy. Don’t get me wrong I looked in my mums magazines at the beautiful women on the glossy pages and did wish I was like them that was around the age of 11 I think.

2)When did you first start modelling?

My first opportunity came up when I was fifteen. An old family friend and wonderful man, David Darling was the first photographer to shoot me. My mum and I were just visiting him then he asked if I fancied doing a shoot so we took a suitcase full of clothes up. I turned up in ripped baggy jeans, baggy fleece, top knot an glasses on with little hope for a old outcome. Billie Mobayed was there visiting too as David had helped her with her modelling career in the past, we did the photoshoot and i just remember being so stiff and petrified of everything! It went from there…Billie and David must have seen something as they both took me under their wing and have pushed and helped me get to where I am. David recently died which really tore me apart but I am happy to still have Billie in my life. You should always value people who celebrate your wins with you. Stick by you and help you along the way. I now have another fabulous agency in Glasgow, model team. They really look after their models and as the circuit is so small in Glasgow it’s like a little family. It’s important to have relationships with your agents 🙂

3)Who are the people you model for or designers?

There are many I have worked for, a few to name are make up advertorial for Harvey Nichols, Estée Lauder, look hair advertorial for Maria Dowling, working with magazines such as Friday magazine (Dubai) the herald (Glasgow), Marie Claire (Dubai), Scottish wedding magazine, desert fish etc and also for the fabulous new talent here like obscure couture, hair for heroes, Tea at aunties and Strumpet. 
There are many more but I love doing everything from vintage, to high fashion to beauty shoots and like to keep my looks varied…I love doing underwater shoots as it is definitely a challenge and not the type of shoot you get to do everyday. 
4)how many years experience do you have in the industry?

I have been full time since the age of sixteen. It took me a while to build up my book and create almost a little network…networking is key!
Sometime doesn’t feel like it’s been that long!

5)Whats the best thing about modelling?

Its the mixture of everything.
It’s the people you get to meet and work with,  the buzz of creativity and the thought of creating something new. I some how let loose when I am infront of a camera, I am generally quite a shy person but when I have my make up done and hair with clothes on i would never dream of owning and I’m standing infront of lights with people watching and waiting it just sets something of inside me, almost like having an alter ego.

6)As a model, how high is the expectations of model on your image?

Obviously the job is about looking after yourself although I sometimes feel when pushed the constant obsession with being thin and young will ruin you. It’s much better to be healthy and watch what you eat. It takes tough skin l, you get a lot of rejection and judging in this industry and it’s necessary to brush the comments off. 
Just be healthy and look after yourself, don’t starve but also don’t have midnight munch munchies :)) 

7)How did it feel being nominated at the Scottish Fashion awards?

It was an incredible feeling being recognised for my hardwork over the years and an absolute honour being nominated beside Amanda Hendrick and Tali Lennox.
Who are well known for their amazing work. 
I never expected to win so the loss didn’t come as such a surprise but as I said I was thrilled to be nominated.

8)How did you come along with the Splash shoot? where did you shoot it?

We shot in Zighy Bay in Oman At Six Senses hotel. It was paradise. And I would highly recommend a stay in any of their hotels across the globe. We were only there a day shooting with Russ Kientsh and Friday magazine but it was insanely beautiful. The house led onto the beach and behind the house you could see the mountains of Oman…just breath taking.
Shooting with Russ and the Friday team again was amazing they are such a lovely bunch of people and Russ really took his time while i got to grips with not drowning 🙂

9) Where do you hope to be in the next few years?

I have always had an interest in acting and have wanted to pursue the interest for a few years now so I reckon between that, modelling and writing I will be a very happy lassie. I would just like something a little more challenging now being 21 I feel is a good time to make a few changes and open up more paths. 
 For Friday Magazine ( United Arab Emirates)
I love how diverse she is and she always tries different kinds of modelling styles, from make-up to high fashion. Wonderful work !

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