Tala Samman…. Fashionista & Young Talent!

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Name: Tala Samman
Age: 21
Nationality: Born in the states, originally syrian, grew up in Dubai and currently living between London and Dubai
University: London college of Fashion
Course: Fashion Promotion


What made you want to get into fashion?

Grew up loving it – always surrounded by it!

Who is your fashion inspiration?

My mother

What made you want to start you own blog?     ( www.myfashdiary.com )

I started it as a fashion diary for my friends over two years ago – never expected it to become a site read by readers all over the world.

Apart from blogging, what else do you enjoy doing?

Eating, spending time with family, reading, traveling and trying out new things.

How does it feel being nominated for your twitter?

Feels amazing!

Where do you hope to be or hope to do after graduating ?

I have a few projects I will be working on 🙂

What advice do you have for those starting university and wanting to get into the fashion industry?

Get as much work experience as you can!

Do you have a quote the you go by ?

“Nothing is impossible”

How would you say the perfect day is for you?

Everyday is different and that is what I love most!

Tala Samman has a passion for fashion and it can be seen in her fashion blog. She is determined to be in fashion and with that determination she could reach the top. Tala has been featured in many magazines with in Dubai and has met alot of designers from all over, as shown in her blog.

Check out www.myfashdiary.com for updates of what shes worn, who’s met and much more!

Good Luck Tala Samman!

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