Suzanne Li… NEW TALENT!!!

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Suzanne Li
British Citizen but Chinese person
Heriot Watt University, Scottish Borders
Textiles and Fashion Design Management


What mae you want to be in fashion?
I’ve always enjoyed being more creative than say; a physics geek. When I was younger I would always draw things every where ( as in walls, under a wooden table, even the radiator etc). Getting into fashion, I think started when I went to Hong Kong; there were always cool things out there first and seeing people dressed differently.

Who inspires you?
People around me and Photographers

What do you call you style?
Just a mix of everything because I’m always trying different things! I can’t stick to one style! Which is probably something I should decide so I don’t spend money buying everything.

Describe what is fashion to you in 5 words.
Expressing yourself through your wardrobe

What made you get into photography?
Probably just when I got my first digital camera, I think at 14 or so I saw the macro button and thought “OH! What’s that ?”, then I took pictures of random things and liked the effect it gave me. I didn’t continue with photography back then but picked up the interest again at about 19 and slowly trying to build on it.

What do you hope to do after graduating from University?
I’m really not sure, it’s cross between my hobby which is photography and my studies in fashion, I would love to be a fashion photographer though.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Travelling and snapping at everything and becoming successful fashion photographer “The dream”.

Do you have a quote that keeps you going?
Yes, Lara J said: ” Always remember to capture everything”.

These are some of Suzanne’s lovely pieces….

To find more information about this talented young lady please go to or on to facebook “Suzanne Li Photography”!/pages/Suzanne-Li-Photography/335832889781367 

Suzanne Li, she is an up beat and talented young lady. Can’t wait to one day find her work in magazines all over the world.

Good Luck Suzanne!

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